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​Promising Tallent

A talented postgraduate artist from the University of Lincoln has been selected as a MAstar by national artist’s network, Axisweb.

Laura Johnson MA Lincoln Fine Art

Laura Johnson, a student on the MA Fine Art programme in the University’s School of Fine & Performing Arts, was handpicked by art critic Dominic Mason as one of the country’s most promising talents.

Axisweb supports contemporary art in the UK by giving artists and art professionals a platform to showcase their work, find work opportunities, stay informed and make useful connections. Axisweb is a registered charity and a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England.

Its MAstars initiative is designed to present an insight into the future of the UK art scene and show the quality and diversity of new and exciting art being produced in the UK today.

Laura was one of a handful or emerging artists to feature in the prestigious MAstars series, and her work will now be seen widely across the art community.

The MAstars series profiles Laura’s work, Ousia, which was recently showcased in Project Space Plus, the Art, Architecture & Design building’s new gallery space. Ousia is described by Dominic Mason:

“Someone has been making an unholy mess in the University of Lincoln’s flagship new Art and Design building. Plaster is splattered up the glass windows overlooking the landscaped turf of the Brayford Pool campus, home of the new Project Space Plus Gallery. Within, bags of plaster spill out onto the floor, and the resultant dust is trampled through the corridors. At points throughout the gallery, joyous mounds of solidified plaster rise from the floor. A workbench sits unattended surrounded by various mixing bowls and apparatus, and nearby rests an abandoned pair of shoes. This chaotic scene is the work of Laura Johnson. In the most primal way Laura’s work aligns itself with this engagement with material and the base act of creation.”

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