New Medicine Students

Students' Union and Medical Societies

Students' Union Membership

As students of Lincoln Medical School, you have the option to join either, or both, the University of Nottingham Students’ Union and the University of Lincoln Students’ Union.

In respect of your membership of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union (ULSU), you will need to University of Lincoln Students' Union Consent Form to provide consent for the University of Lincoln to share your data with the ULSU. If you do not complete this form, we will assume you are exercising your legal right your data not to be shared with ULSU. The University of Lincoln Students' Union Privacy Policy can be accessed here:

For the most up-to-date information about Fresher’s Week events and further information about the Students' Union, please visit

You will be asked about your interest in joining the University of Nottingham students’ Union (UNSU) during the online registration process. You can find more information about the UNSU on their website  at

Medical Societies

Lincoln Medical Society is run by medical students, created primarily to offer a supportive and social community to all Lincoln medical students, and those interested in Medicine at the University of Lincoln. From educational resources and wellbeing advice, to a variety of sports and socials, Lincoln MedSoc aims to cater for all. Like any Medical Society, we aim to be a prominent part of your Medical School experience, providing the social, educational, and sporting framework to ensure you get the best out of Med School, and help guide your future in Medicine.

We will also be running a “Medic-parent” scheme to provide support and advice and to help you get the most out of your time at Lincoln Medical School. Surveys will be sent out so we can match you with likeminded second year students that share similar interests. Please look out for further communication about this in due course. 

Additionally, find us on Instagram (@lincolnmedsoc) or visit our linktree. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and linktree for Fresher's Group chats which will be released in due course! Being Nottingham students means that you have dual Students' Union citizenship and will have access to the Nottingham Medical Society. You will be contacted separately by the Nottingham MedSoc with information about your membership and resources that may be of interest to you. 

It is also important to remember that the Student Leaders and your Academic Reps at Lincoln SU are here to make sure that your experience as a student on the University of Lincoln is the best that it can be. If you have any feedback, issues, or questions please do not hesitate one of these elected individuals.


Lincoln MedSoc has a wide variety of MedSoc affiliated sports societies such as football, volleyball, badminton, and netball. It is still early days, so we will not be able to create teams for every sport, but we hope to set up more during the 23/34 academic year. We would love to see you participating in them, either on the committee or as a member of the society! We are very excited to run MedSoc specific sports teams and events and we intend to run regular sports teams with training sessions, fixtures and, hopefully, MedSoc Varsity.


Lincoln MedSoc aims to meet any additional educational needs you may have. MedSoc offers a range of educational support through academic sub-societies, workshops, educational resources, and external guest speakers. Here at Lincoln, we have many ‘MedSoc Affiliated Societies’, including (but not limited to) Trauma and Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and SCRUBS. If during the academic year, you are interested in creating a new Medsoc Affiliated Society, please approach the Medsoc Education Officer. Please have a look at your Welcome Pack and the MedSoc website to find out a little more about these societies.

To join Lincoln Medical Society and get full access to all the benefits of a membership (cheaper and priority tickets for popular events such as the Medic Ball, free access to socials across the year, and much more) please visit