Postgraduate Research Projects

Postgraduate Research Student Projects

On this page you can find out more about the postgraduate research projects currently being undertaken in the School of Geography. The key to a successful programme is to find a research subject that you are passionate about, and a supervisory team that have expertise in this area.

The first thing that anyone who is interested in undertaking research with us should do is directly contact a member of staff who works in an area that they are interested in. We have wide areas of expertise in the School spanning climate change, river and coastal processes and pollution, waterborne diseases, biogeography, environmental behaviour, rural economy, social and political geography, development studies, and more.

Current Projects

Project TitleProgramme LevelDirector of Studies
The Effect of Climate Variability on the Occurrence of Human Diseases in Early Modern Eastern England MPhil/PhD Physical Geography Professor Mark Macklin
Statistical Post-Code and Data Science Modelling of UK House Prices (1995-2017): Perspectives from Quantitative and Business Geography MPhil/PhD Human Geography Dr Ade Ojo
Improving Flood Risk Assessment in the Yorkshire Ouse River Using Documentary and Floodplain Sedimentary Archives MPhil/PhD Physical Geography Professor Mark Macklin
Integrating Catchment and Coastal Processes to Increase Flood Protection in Tidally-influenced Rivers and Estuaries MPhil/PhD Physical Geography Dr Mark Schuerch
Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants and Antimicrobial Resistance in River Catchment Systems MPhil/PhD Physical Geography Professor Mark Macklin
To What Extent Can a Community Interest Company Efficiently Protect Vulnerable Coastal Communities? A Case Study from West Norfolk. MSc by Research Dr Mark Schuerch
Assessing the Relationship Between Development Processes and the Prevalence and Management of Infectious Diseases Across Indonesia. MA by Research Dr Creighton Connolly
Understanding the Impact of De-silting Agents on Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Sustainability MSc by Research Dr Kristen Beck
Modelling Disease Epidemiology MSc by Research Dr Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts 
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change to the Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet MSc by Research Professor Edward Hanna
Estimating the Freshwater Reserve and Irrigation Potential of the Shallow UK Fens Aquifer MSc by Research Dr Dan Magnone
Climate History of Crowle Moor: Vegetation and Fire Dynamics and the Impact on Carbon Sequestration MSc by Research Dr Kristen Beck
The Relationship Between Environmental Change, Social Conflict and Parasitic Disease Susceptibility in Sub-saharan Africa. MSc by Research Dr Dan Magnone
Analysing Electoral Geographies of Income Across the United Kingdom at The Local Level MA by Research Dr Ade Ojo
Examining the Public Response to Covid-19 in the UK MA by Research Dr Harriet Moore
Management of Rhododendron at Hill Holt Wood, Monitored Effects to Biodiversity MSc by Research Dr Theresa Mercer
State of Water and Environmental Health Report for Lincolnshire 2021 MSc by Research Dr Alex Lechner

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