People and Publications

Name Position and Specialisms

Professor Mark Macklin

Co-Director. River geomorphology, flood-risk assessment, human-river environment interactions, mining pollution and hydrological controls of malaria.

Professor Chris Thomas

Co-Director. Spatial ecologyhuman, malaria vector ecology, antimicrobial resistance, spatial modelling, remote sensing and GIS, climate change, ecohealth, wildlife biolog and conservation.

Professor Edward Hanna

Professor of Climate Science and Meteorology. Climate change links with extreme weather events and ice-sheet mass balance.

Dr Mark Schuerch

Coastal geomorphology with particular focus in fine-sediment coasts and coastal ecosystems.

Dr Luca Mao

Fluvial geomorphology with expertise on sediment transport, river morphodynamics, river management/restoration.

Dr Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts

Modelling surface dynamics at regional and global scales.

Dr Daniel Magnone

Nutrients and contaminants in waters and soils

Dr Joseph Harwood

Analytical Geochemistry (XRF, XRD, SEM), Sedimentology and Photogrammetry utilising UAV technology.

Dr Kristen Beck

Palaeoecology focusing on the impacts of climate on the environment, society, and human health.

Dr Matthew Hannaford

Interaction between climate and society over the last millennium.

Dr Harriet Moore

River restoration, including the problem of maintenance, and the distribution of projects in river basins.

Dr Theresa Mercer 

Environmental biogeochemistry, biogeography, ecosystem services, soil science, waste management, environmental pollution, environmental and climate policy

Dr Andrew Kythreotis

Climate change and the environment: policy, politics and governance

Josephine Westlake 

Hydrology, Geomorphology, Geophysical Hazards

Dr Amogh Mudbhatkal

Climate change impacts on river hydrology, Catchment/Watershed hydrology, Remote sensing/GIS applications in hydrology.
Ms Miyo Yoshizaki Estuarine hydro- and morphodynamics



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