Relationships between social disadvantage and socio-economic outcomes are well documented in some parts of the world but less is known about unfair and uneven development over space and time in most countries. The Inequalities cluster encourages both critically engaged technical work and technically capable critical work. Our work embraces quantitative and qualitative social research practice to provide clarity about the best routes for understanding and tackling inequalities through an interdisciplinary and multidimensional perspective. Our current projects include exploring the factors that explain inequality and the impact on vulnerability, particularly in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic. DIRE members in the School of Geography and School of Health and Social Care are engaged in ongoing real-time research about how demographic and socio-economic inequalities increase the vulnerability of some groups in society to biological contagion and acute mental health conditions during the pandemic. Over the course of the pandemic, our interdisciplinary team has conducted spatial analysis of big data related to the pandemic, directly informing emergency response within the East Midlands Ambulance NHS Trust.

Featured Reserach

Dr Ojo is currently conducting funded research about The Nexus between Social Capital and Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, investigating how the often unseen social networks that link people and places  have influenced the distribution and outcomes of Covid-19 cases, and how they could also play an important role in communities' recovery from the pandemic. This research feeds into a growing body of evidence about the unequal impacts of health emergencies on communities from diverse backgrounds.

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