Challenges to sustainability in built and natural environments occur at the nexus of civil society, governance, economics, and innovation. Our team explores barriers and facilitators of sustainability, including the economic and political drivers of resource management. Our projects include current research undertaken by Dr  Kythreotis, Principal Investigator on a British Academy and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy grant (SRG19\190291) (with Prof. Andrew Jonas (University of Hull) and Dr. Candice Howarth (London School of Economics)) examining whether, and in what form, a new ‘civil politics’ of climate change is emerging from recent populist climate events in the UK and around the world. These events include school climate strikes and declarations of a climate emergency, which in the context of uncertainty surrounding Brexit have generated new social, political and economic pressures within the UK state, yet have arguably created the societal conditions needed to catalyse increased citizen action on climate change. The aim of the research is to identify, and account for, some key elements of a ‘new civil politics’ of climate change emerging at local and national scales across the UK. See Governing Climate Change blogs.

Featured Research

Dr Moore’s research in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia examines the political and economic challenges associated with achieving sustainable water management in the context of climate change and increasing financial constraint. Her studies consider the socio-psychological factors that facilitate or impede local-scale environmental behaviour, as well as the institutional arrangements that dictate how water is ‘recovered’ for environmental purposes at the basin scale.

Moore, H.E., Rutherfurd, I.D., Peel, M.C. and Horne, A., 2020. ‘Sub-Prime’Water, Low-Security Entitlements and Policy Challenges in Over-Allocated River Basins: the Case of the Murray–Darling Basin. Environmental Management, pp.1-16

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