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Currently active CCRG members  

Name  Role Research Expertise 
Mark Schuerch Associate Professor of Physical Geography  Coastal and estuarine sediment dynamics, climate change and sea level rise, coastal ecosystems, coastal management, coastal adaptation.
Luca Mao  Associate Professor  River science; fluvial geomorphology; hydrology.
Kristen Beck  Senior Lecturer  Palaeoecologist; past climate change; terrestrial-aquatic ecosystem dynamics; impacts of fire.
Daniel Magnone  Deputy Head of Life and Environmental Sciences (Geography)   Agricultural productivity, water sustainability and carbon & nutrient cycling.
Iain Gould  Associate Professor of Soil Science   Agricultural Soils, Salinity, Irrigation  
Lan Qie  Senior Lecturer   Biodiversity and ecosystem processes, Carbon stock and trend, Conservation management
Julian Clifton  Senior Lecturer   Environmental management, conservation and policy; maritime communities and marine conservation; rural development; climate change policy
Elias Nkiaka  Lecturer Catchment Processes, Ecohydrology, Earth Observation and Water Management 
Catherine Sanders  Lecturer River science; fluvial geomorphology, biogeomorphology, aquatic ecology, invasive species, sediment transport, restoration
Joan Nyika  Postdoctoral Research Associate  Hydrobiogeochemistry groundwater salinization 
Matthew Goddard  Professor   Population Biology, Ecology, Evolution. 
Josephine Westlake  PhD student    Hydrology, Geomorphology, Geophysical Hazards. 
Miyo Yoshizaki  PhD student   Estuarine and catchment management and their impact on flood risks, numerical modelling.  
Gertruda Zieniute  PhD student   Microplastics, carbon, catchments, managed realignment.  
Amogh Mudbhatkal  Technician   Hydrology, GIS, Hydrological impacts of climate change. 
Ethan Umbo  PhD student   Coastal adaptation, flood risk reduction through intertidal wetland restoration, anthropogenically sourced PTE inputs in urban/suburban environments.  
Amy Gilbert  MSc Res student   Determination of the Influence of Reactive Minerals on the Storage of Carbon in the River Trent.  
Scott Croxford  MSc Res student   Managing a natural flood management site at Riseholme and studying the effects of peak flow through hydraulic modelling. 
Ellen Feistner  MSc Res student   Increasing individuals' connection to nature, sustainable behaviour, conservation and habitat creation.  
Harriet Barlow  MSc Res student  Past climates, water management and palaeoecological research 

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