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Making a Nomination

An honorary degree is the highest honour that the University of Lincoln bestows. Each year the University recognises individuals who have made significant achievements in their fields or profession at national or international level. Honorary Degrees are the University's way of recognising exceptional people and the things they've done to make a difference in the world. Every year, we award a small number of people with a University of Lincoln Honorary Degree at our graduation ceremonies. 

We welcome all honorary degree nominations made by anyone within or outside the University. Please submit your nominations via the button below.

Guidance on Making a Nomination

Please find below further guidance on how to make a nomination for an honorary degree, including the purpose, criteria, and process. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact development@lincoln.ac.uk.

What is the purpose of an honorary award?

The University makes honorary awards to persons of eminence, excellence, and leadership to celebrate their personal and professional standing, and to engage them in its long-term development as an institution of quality and distinction.

The University sees its honorary graduates as key ambassadors for enhancing its reputation in the wider world, and expects recipients to develop a continuing relationship with those faculties and departments in which they have an interest.

The University sees its honorary graduates as enhancing its reputation and as key ambassadors for the University in the wider world, and wishes to honour outstanding achievements, or distinction in a field or activity that aligns to the values and commitments of the University.

The honorary degree awarded by the University is an honorary doctorate.

Who can make a nomination?

Nominations can come from anyone within or outside the University.

Individuals cannot nominate themselves for an Honorary Award.

What is the nomination criteria?

Listed below are the criteria against which nominations can be supported by the University Honours Committee.

Honorary doctorate degrees are an academic award celebrating excellence in a recognised field. These fields might include:

  • Academic and scholarly distinction
  • Arts and science
  • Public and community services – including the University’s One Community Values
  • Contributions to education and culture
  • Innovative and socially responsible business developments

Persons nominated should be active in an area of activity that is relevant to the University of Lincoln, such as our Strategic Plan or areas of research expertise.

Awards should reflect the values of the University.

To protect the integrity and independence of the honour, the University does not make honorary awards to:

  • Serving politicians
  • Business leaders or others with whom the University has substantial commercial dealings
  • Public servants with whom the University is in partnership in any activity other than educational or academic
  • Benefactors of the University who do not otherwise meet the criteria for receipt of an honorary award
  • Any other person to whom the award of an honour could be seen as reward for specific services rendered to the University and who does not otherwise meet the criteria for receipt of an honorary award
What is the nomination process?


Step 1: Identify who you’d like to nominate and why. Have a few good, clear reasons as to why you’re nominating them, and complete the nomination form.

Step 2: Submit your nomination at any time during the year. It will then go to the University Honours Committee of the Board of Governors, which normally meets twice a year to review submissions.

Step 3: The University Honours Committee of the Board of Governors will approve/decline nominations. Please note, if a nomination is unsuccessful, no feedback is provided as the process is confidential.

Step 4: Following approval, the Vice Chancellor will write to your nominee and invite them to receive their Honorary Degree at one of our upcoming graduation ceremonies.


The process for nominating and approving honorary awards is confidential and should not be discussed with the proposed honorand or made public in any way before the Vice Chancellor has invited the honorand to accept the award and the award has been accepted.


Honorary awards are conferred at the University’s graduation ceremonies.

Policy Information
Owner Chair of the University Honours Committee
c/o Rachael Baxter, Head of Alumni and Stakeholder Relations
Contact governors@lincoln.ac.uk
Version Number 1.0
Approval Date 28 March 2024
Approved By University Honours Committee
Date of Next Review January 2025 (Annual)
Policy Link  The full policy can be found here - Guidance for Honorary Awards Nominations.

The following list provides the names of all of our distinguished honorands, whom we congratulate and welcome as an integral part of the University of Lincoln Alumni community.

Class of 2021
 Honorand  Honour
Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam MBE Doctor of Science
Caroline Criado-Perez OBE Doctor of Laws
Sidney McFarlane MBE Doctor of the University
Class of 2020
 Honorand  Honour
Sir Stuart Peach Honorary Doctor
Michael Betton Honorary Doctor
Class of 2019
 Honorand  Honour
Sophie Wells Honorary Doctor
John Hegarty Honorary Doctor of Arts
David Ross Honorary Doctor
Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu Doctor of Science
Class of 2018
 Honorand  Honour
Reginald D Hunter Honorary Doctor of Arts
Willi Meixner Honorary Doctor of Engineering
Class of 2017
 Honorand  Honour
Najam Kidwai Doctor of Business Administration 
Deborah Bull  
Camilla Carlbom Flinn  
Danny and Nicky Cowley  
George "Johnny" Johnson  
Professor James Kakalios  
The Rt. Hon. the Lord Malloch-Brown  
Class of 2016
 Honorand  Honour
Professor James Fenton  Doctor of Letters 
Ela Gandhi  Doctor of Laws 
Tony Garnett  Doctor of Arts
Maureen Kavanagh  Doctor of Science 
Professor J Maier Doctor of the University 
Candice Pellett Doctor of Science 
Christopher Penney Honorary Fellow 
Professor Efim Zelmanov Doctor of Science
Class of 2015
 Honorand  Honour
Professor Maxwell Hutchinson  Doctor of Arts
Tomas Roope Doctor of Arts 
Professor Philippe Sands  Doctor of Arts
Class of 2013
 Honorand  Honour
Lord Ian Blair Doctor of Laws 
Roly Keating Doctor of Letters
Squadron Leader L J Nadin MBA
John Sergeant Doctor of Letters
Colin Walsh Honorary Doctorate 
Graham Secker Honorary Doctorate
Professor the Baroness Lister of Burtersett Doctor of Science
Class of 2014
 Honorand  Honour
Roger Buttery Fellow
Professor Claire Cross Doctor of Letters
Barbara Dickson OBE Honorary Doctorate
The Right Honourable The Lord Fellowes of West Stafford DL Doctor of Arts 
Joshua Rozenberg Doctor of Laws 
Dame Stephanie Shirley DSc 
Andrea Spyropoulos DSc
Chris Warmoth Doctor of Business Administration
Class of 2012
 Honorand  Honour
Professor David Chiddick CBE Doctor of the University
William T Crone Fellowship
Stephen Galjaard Fellowship
John Hurt Doctor of Arts
Professor Paul Langford Doctor of Letters 
Dr Michael Maloney OBE Doctor of Arts
Dr Robert Price OBE Doctor of Science
Mark Richmond Honorary Doctorate
Shaun Sargent Fellowship
Professor Roderick A Smith Honorary Doctorate
Professor Sir David Tweedie Doctor of Business Administration
John A Jenkinson Postgraduate Diploma
Class of 2011
 Honorand  Honour
Professor Pat Carlen Doctor of Laws
Dr Richard Cork Doctor of Arts
John Cridland CBE Doctor of Business Administration
Dr Jonathan Foyle Doctor of Arts
Loyd Grossman CBE Doctor of Arts 
Professor Sir Alex Markham Doctor of Science
Roger Mosey Doctor of Letters
Lord Norton of Louth Doctor of Laws
Councillor Mrs Marianne Overton Fellowship
Dame Philippa Russell DBE Doctor of the University
Class of 2010
 Honorand  Honour
Dr Alberto Alessi Doctor of Arts
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Doctor of Letters
Sir Ian Botham OBE Doctor of Science
Mark Byford Doctor of Letters
Professor Dame Sally Davies DBE Doctor of Science
Anne Hollick Fellowship
Baroness Helena Kennedy Doctor of Laws
William Lewis Doctor of Letters
Richard Reed Doctor of Business Administration
Brian Bevan  
Sir Craig Reedie CBE Doctor of Business Administration
Class of 2009
 Honorand  Honour
Dr Vicki L Phillips Doctor of Education
Roger D Atkinson Fellowship
Peter Day Doctor of Business Administration
Ian Emmerson OBE Doctor of Science
Air Commodore Neil Gammon MA MSc BSc Doctor of Business Administration
Professor Tim Lang Doctor of Science
Dr Peter Quantick Fellowship
David G Rossington Doctor of the University
Alan Rusbridger Doctor of Letters
Dr Dalibor Vesely Doctor of Arts 
The Rt Hon Professor Lord Winston Doctor of Science
Class of 2008
 Honorand  Honour
Don Blackburn Fellowship
Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll DBE Doctor of Arts
Keith J Laidler Honorary Doctorate
Professor Roger Laughton Doctor of Arts
David Mullaney Fellowship
John Pilger Doctor of Arts
The Rt Hon Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen Doctor of the University
Deyan Sudjic OBE Doctor of Arts
Jim Whittingham Doctor of the University
Class of 2007
 Honorand  Honour
Antonio Berardi Doctor of Arts
The Rt Hon Baroness Byford DBE Doctor of Business Administration
Professor Bernard Crump Doctor of Science
Jon Hanna Fellowship
Lord Macdonald of Tradeston Doctor of Business Administration
Mike Newell Doctor of Arts
Nicholas Parsons Doctor of Arts
David Remfry MBA RA Doctor of Arts
Anthony Smith Doctor of Letters
Class of 2006
 Honorand  Honour
Dr Cheryle Berry Doctor of Arts
Dr John Buttrick Doctor of Arts
Professor Oleg Eremin Doctor of Science
John Inverdale Doctor of Arts
Professor Anthony Jones CBE Doctor of Arts
Dr Elaine McMahon CBE Doctor of Letters
Barry Spikings Doctor of Arts
Dennis Turner Doctor of Business Administration
Class of 2005
 Honorand  Honour
Professor Kelvin A Bray CBE Doctor of Science
Nevile J Camamile Doctor of Business Administration
Dr Roger Ewbank OBE Doctor of Science
Simon W Lunt Doctor of Law
Don McCullin Doctor of Arts
Professor Sarah Skelton Fellowship
Janet Soo-Chung CBE Doctor of Business Administration
Dr Carole Tongue Doctor of Arts
Class of 2004
 Honorand  Honour
The Lord Adebowale CBE Doctor of Letters
Trevor Jameson Doctor of Arts
The Very Reverend Sir Alec Knight OBE Doctor of Letters
Martin Lambie-Nairn Doctor of Arts
Derek Mapp Doctor of Letters
Adam Pearson Doctor of Business Administration
Class of 2003
 Honorand  Honour
Sir Terry Farrell CBE, B Arch (Hons), M Arch, MCP, DCL, RIBA Doctor of Arts
Reg C Green Honorary Doctorate
Professor Sir Martin Harris CBE DL Doctor of Letters
Ruth M Parker DL Fellowship
Class of 2002
 Honorand  Honour
Sir Brian Fender Doctor of Education
Professor Dame Janet Finch DBE Doctor of Education
Christopher M Oughtred Fellowship
John H Robinson Honorary Doctorate
Class of 2000
 Honorand  Honour
Keith W Darwin OBE Doctor of Law
Andrew Milner Doctor of Law

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