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On this page you can find links to a range of useful resources, information on the University structure, and useful contacts.

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University Structure

College of Arts 

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Matthew Cragoe 

  • Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment – Head of School - Professor Stephen Pretlove

  • Lincoln School of Design – Head of School – Professor Anne Chick 

  • Lincoln School of Film and Media – Head of School - Dr Emma Watts 

  • School of English and Journalism – Head of School – Professor Jason Whittaker  

  • School of Fine and Performing Arts – Head of School – Dr Karin Savage 

  • School of History and Heritage – Head of School – Professor John Morrison 

College of Science 

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Libby John 

  • School of Chemistry – Head of School – Professor Ian Scowen 

  • School of Computer Science – Head of School – Professor Luc Bidaut 

  • School of Engineering – Head of School – Dr Michael Gallimore 

  • School of Geography – Head of School - Professor Mark Macklin

  • School of Life Sciences – Head of School – Professor Steve Bevan 

  • School of Mathematics and Physics – Head of School – Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky 

  • School of Pharmacy – Head of School - Dr Josie Solomon

  • National Centre for Food Manufacturing – Head of School – Professor Val Braybrooks 

  • Lincoln Institute for Agri-food Technology – Head of School - Professor Simon Pearson

  • Medical School – Head of School - Professor Danny McLaughlin

College of Social Science 

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Duncan French 

  • School of Education – Head of School  Professor Ian Abrahams 

  • School of Health and Social Care – Head of School – Dr Kate Grafton

  • Professional Development Centre – Head of School -  

  • Lincoln Law School – Head of School - Professor Matthew Hall 

  • School of Psychology – Acting Head of School - Dr Kirsty Miller 

  • School of Social and Political Sciences – Head of School - Dr Edwin Bacon 

  • School of Sport and Exercise Science – Head of School – Mrs Cathy Thomas 


  • Head of Department (Accountancy Finance and Economics) - Mrs Siobhan Goggin 

  • Head of Department (Marketing and Tourism) - Dr Abi Hunt 

  • Head of Department (People and Organisations) - Dr Deirdre Anderson 

  • Head of Department (Strategy and Enterprise) - Dr David Twigg 


 Useful Contacts

College of Arts 

  • College Director of Academic Affairs – Dr Finn Pollard 

  • College Director of Education – Mr Gyles Lingwood 

  • College Director of Operations– Mrs Lesley Bunn 

 College of Science 

  • College Director of Academic Affairs – Dr Kevin Jacques 

  • College Director of Education – Dr Andy Evendon

  • College Director of Operations – Mr Mark Page 

College of Social Science 

  • College Director of Academic Affairs – Dr Jon Slack 

  • College Director of Education – Dr Mark F Smith 

  • College Director of Operations – Mrs Emma Seamer 


  • Director of Academic Development - Dr Martin Elliott-White 

  • College Director of Education – Dr Deborah Lock 

  • College Director of Operations – Ms Hannah Pike 


Dean of Digital Education – Mr Andy Beggan 

Dean of Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching – Mr Jasper Shotts 

University Senior Tutor – Dr Garry Wilson 

Director of Quality, Enhancement, and Standards – Ms Linsey Woodcock