Charitable Status

About the Charity

The University of Lincoln is a Higher Education Corporation and, as such, is an exempt charity. It has the charitable objectives of providing higher education and further education, and of carrying out research and publishing the results.

The University is regulated by the Office for Students as the principal regulator of English Higher Education Institutions as charities. The members of the University's Board of Governors, who include the Vice Chancellor, staff, and students, are the trustees of the charity.

Linked Charity

The University has one linked charity, UL Learning Resources Limited (PDF). The principal object of this charity is to promote the advancement of education by the provision of learning facilities, other like facilities, and services and funds for the educational and charitable needs or purposes of the University of Lincoln. The charity is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University and the results are consolidated in the University’s financial statements.

Financial statements of UL Learning Resources Limited (PDF).

Correspondence Address

University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool Campus