School of Social and Political Sciences Undergraduate Courses

Criminology - BA (Hons)

Criminologists use theory to explore some of the most contentious issues in contemporary society, working to understand the causes of crime and the way in which criminal justice agencies respond to offenders.

Criminology and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

Drawing on insights from sociology, policy, law, and the social sciences more generally, criminologists specialising in social policy not only consider how crime is defined, experienced, or explained: they explore society’s responses to it, tackling the complex social problems that can lead to crime.

Criminology and Sociology - BA (Hons)

Social issues, such as poverty and social exclusion, can be a cause of crime, and knowledge of these problems can enable those working in the criminal justice sector to understand offenders and prevent anti-social behaviour.

International Relations - BA (Hons)

Professionals working in international relations have an in-depth understanding of the impact of political, economic, and cultural forces, balancing these dynamics to maintain peace and trade in a complex, globalised world, where pockets of tension can rapidly escalate beyond borders.

International Relations and Politics - BA (Hons)

From European politics to global conflicts, this degree examines some of the most important issues of our time in a way that aims to stimulate understanding and debate.

International Relations and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

International relations and the policies they shape are rarely far from the media headlines, tackling challenging and sometimes controversial issues from human rights and poverty, to social exclusion and national security.

Politics - BA (Hons)

From US and Middle Eastern politics to the big political issues of the day in Britain; look beyond the headlines and explore concepts such as power, democracy, and justice with a degree in Politics.

Politics and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

Explore the ways in which governments define the policies that affect the everyday lives of citizens, how they respond to the needs and challenges of a changing society, and the impact of their decisions with a degree in Politics and Social Policy.

Politics and Sociology - BA (Hons)

Domestic and global politics are at the heart of society, and this course provides an insight into how political institutions can tackle some of society’s most pressing problems.

Social Policy - BA (Hons)

Creating effective social policies is key to tackling the big issues we face in society today such as poverty, health, and unemployment, and this course enables students to explore how social problems arise, how governments react, and the impact this has on citizens and communities.

Social Policy and Sociology - BA (Hons)

This degree combines the study of social policy - how governments respond to social problems - with the field of sociology - looking at social interactions and social relationships - in order to try to understand issues facing society.

Sociology - BA (Hons)

Sociology provides a framework for the study of human behaviour, examining how societies are organised, how social identities are constructed, and the issues facing some of society’s most marginalised people.

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