Visiting Professors


Professor Louis Kotze

“I am honoured and excited to be part of the dynamic and vibrant Lincoln Law School community. The Law School is asserting itself in the UK and internationally as a centre of excellence in many areas of law, and notably in environmental law. We are exploring various exciting funding and other strategic opportunities to deepen collaboration between the Law School, the institutions of its visiting scholars, and their respective networks. While our collaboration is already bearing fruit in many different areas, I am particularly looking forward to engaging with the Law School’s staff and its strong cosmopolitan student cohort to further strengthen our cooperation.”

Professor David Townend 

"As a Visiting Professor of Health Law in the University of Lincoln, Prof. dr. David Townend is excited to be able to contribute to two initiatives in Lincoln: the excellence in human rights research and in interdisciplinary health research. Lincoln Law School is a vibrant environment in which to develop new research collaborations. Equally, he will participate in the interdisciplinary Lincoln Institute for Health. His contributions will be through developing funded research, and occasional lecturing and supervisions."

Professor Dora Kostakopoulou

"Having recently completed a research project on ‘The Reconceptualisation of European Union Citizenship’ (Jean Monnet/Lifelong Learning Programme), I look forward to exchanging ideas on European Union citizenship and the future of European Union governance with colleagues and students at the Law School"




Professor Jennifer McKay

Professor Jennifer McKay is Professor of Business Law at the University of South Australia Business School, and Director: Centre for Comparative Water Policies and Laws (CCWPL) in the School of Law. She researches water law reform, focusing on developing regulatory models for the management and allocation of water between competing uses and jurisdictions, and developing protocols to deliver sustainable development. In 2013 the work of the CCWPL was recognised when the Centre received a Commendation of Policy Research to Assist Local Government in Managing Water.




Richard Stone

Richard Stone is Emeritus Professor of Law and Human Rights in the College of Social Science. He was Head of Lincoln Law School from 2003-2009, and Director of Research for the Law School from 2009-2014, when he retired from the University.  He continues to supervise PhD students, and to conduct research. 





Prof Werner Scholtz

Werner Scholtz is a Professor of Law in the Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence of the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) who researches international and regional (AU) environmental law. He currently focuses on the issue of animal welfare in international environmental law. The collaboration between RALHUS (Regional African Law and Human Security programme) and the Lincoln Law School offers several exciting opportunities. As a Visiting Professor, Scholtz intends to focus on hosting joint seminars on cutting edge issues, co-supervising students, pursuing research grants as well as presenting occasional lectures in order to ensure that cooperation with Lincoln contributes to the progressive development of global scholarly discourse.