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Welcome to British Science Week 2021

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British Science Week is a celebration of all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At the University of Lincoln, we used this opportunity to showcase our expertise in these areas by creating a schedule of inspiring and interactive lectures. 

If you have any interest in biology, chemistry, physics, healthcare, food science, mathematics, engineering, computer science, geography, or any of the specific topics listed below, then be sure to catch up on our British Science Week lectures via our YouTube channel. You can also use these sessions to find out more about what we do in the College of Science, our research, and what makes Lincoln such a great place to learn.

Find the full schedule of lectures below with specific links to each individual session.


Exploring How Technology can Support Students with Dyslexia in Higher Education Ms Lisa Jacobs, PhD Student   Watch Back 
Crowd AI  Dr Olivier Szymanezyk, Lecturer in Computer Science Watch Back 
The Secret Mind of Pets   Professor Anna Wilkinson, Professor of Animal Cognition  Watch Back
A Career in Space Engineering Professor Mini Saaj, Global Chair in Robotic Engineering  Watch Back 
The Wandering Earth: The Mathematics of Orbital Cycles  Mr Thomas Hobson, Foundation Year Lecturer   Watch Back
Insect Jumping and Locomotion  Professor Gregory Sutton, Royal Society University Research Fellow  Watch Back
Nano-Physics for Nano-Medicine  Dr Manuela Mura, Senior Lecturer Physics  Watch Back 
3D Printing Under the Microscope  Dr Claire Mcllroy, Lecturer in Mathematics Watch Back 


Climate Change and its Impacts   Professor Edward Hanna, Professor of Climate Science and Meteorology and Dr Matthew Hannaford, Lecturer in Human Geography  Watch Back
How Science Helps the Food and Drink Industry  Professor Sharon Green - Professor of Vocational Education and Skills Development  Watch Back 
Anatomy: Past, Present and Future  Dr Skantha Kandiah, Head of Anatomy, Dr Michael Tang, Medical Education Fellow and Miss Helen Porter, Prosector/Senior Technician  Watch Back 
In Your Face: The Science Behind Photo-ID  Dr Kay Ritchie, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology  Watch Back 
Maximisation and Minimisation Problems and their Applications in Science and Industry  Dr Martin Greenall, Senior Lecturer Mathematics  Watch Back 
Fantastic Worlds and Where to Find Them  Dr Phil Sutton, Lecturer in Astrophysics Watch Back


Going Viral - Basic Biology of Viruses Dr Neil Holden, Deputy Programme Lead for Biomedical Sciences and Medical Biosciences Watch Back
What Are Humans Made Up Of? Are We Made Of Stardust?  Dr Farhana Haque, Lecturer in Molecular Medicine  Watch Back 
The Sleeping Mind  Dr Simon Durrant, Senior Lecturer in Psychology Watch Back 
Silent Witness: A Day in the Life of a Forensic Anthropologist Ms Gillian Fowler, Senior Lecturer in Sciences  Watch Back 

The Brain as a Potato: An Introduction to the Allied Health Professions

*Join in with the activities in this session by having a potato and some some felt tip pens to hand.

Mrs Laura Charlesworth, Associate Professor in Health and Social Care and Mrs Carol Duff, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care, and Mrs Rowena Burgess, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy Watch Back 
The Fight Is On: Microbial Warfare  Dr Lorna Lancaster, Programme Leader for BSc Pharmaceutical Science  Watch Back 
Dissecting the Heart Dr Stephanie Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Health Quality Improvement Watch Back 
Have a Heart Mr Sean Morton, Senior Lecturer in Heath and Social Care and Registered Nurse  Watch Back 


Us vs. Them: Digging for the Evolutionary Roots of Cooperation, Prejudice and Aggression  Dr Bonaventura Majolo, Associate Professor in Psychology  Watch Back
Climate Change: The Effect on Bees and Other Species  Dr Elisa Frasnelli, Senior Lecturer in Life Sciences  Watch Back 
Messing with the Mind: Manipulating Our Body Experiences Dr Kirsty Miller, Head of Psychology Watch Back 
How is Your Food Made  Professor Sharon Green, Professor of Vocational Education and Skills Development  Watch Back 
Beyond Covid: Understanding the Geohealth Challenges in the Coming Century Panel Discussion chaired by Dr Daniel Magnone, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Watch Back 
Quantum Dots: What, Why and How?  Dr Matthew Booth, Lecturer in Experimental Physics Watch Back 
Infinity Dr Simon Smith, Senior Lecturer Mathematics  Watch Back 


Swarm Robotics: Past, Present, and Future Dr Alan Millard, Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems  Watch Back 
Evolution of the Dinosaurs  Dr Manabu Sakamoto, Senior Lecturer in Zoology  Watch Back 
Materials for the Future  Mrs Emma Stones, Foundation Year Lecturer  Watch Back 
Using Chemistry to Improve Next Generation Energy Storage and Conversion Technologies Dr Guanjie He, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry   Watch Back 
Makers Must Meet the Molecules: Polymer Structure and Properties   Dr Nick Tucker, Associate Professor in Engineering  Watch Back 
Behind the Science of Lincoln Agri-Robotics

Professor Elizabeth Sklar, Professor in Agri-Robotics and Lincoln Agri-Robotics Research Director with PhD Students Will Smith and Sam Kihara

Watch Back 
The Road to Freedom: Vaccine Development  Dr Lorna Lancaster, Programme Leader for BSc Pharmaceutical Science  Watch Back 
Serious Games for Wellbeing   Ms Danni Therlfall, PhD Student Watch Back 
Fractals, Hausdorff Dimension and the Coastline Paradox  Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram, Lecturer in Mathematics Watch Back 
Is the Vacuum Empty? Plus the Lincoln Physics Challenge Awards 2021 Dr Fabien Paillusson, Senior Lecturer in Physics  Watch Back 


Lincoln Maths and Physics Week

As part of British Science Week 2021, here at the University of Lincoln we specifically looked to celebrate all things maths and physics within a series of lectures focusing on these subject areas. Catch up to hear from staff on what we do in the School of Mathematics and Physics at Lincoln, our research, and what makes Lincoln a great place to learn.

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Lincoln Computer Science Week

Here at the University of Lincoln we spent a week celebrating all things computer science and games computing as part of British Science Week 2021. Explore our series of lectures specifically dedicated to the field of computer science and take the opportunity to hear from staff and students about their areas of expertise.

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Join Our Climate Change Movement

Here at the University of Lincoln, we strive to make a positive impact on the global challenge of climate change. To help raise awareness and assist in creating opportunities for change, we have devised a series of virtual seminars which feature talks from a range of Lincoln's expert team, each with their own specialism relating to climate science.

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Virtual Open Days

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