A major focus of the School's research strategy lies in developing partnerships with a wide range of communities, services and researchers in order to design and deliver projects which are beneficial to service users and which influence policy, practice and procedures in health and social care services.

Current research within the School of Health and Social Care includes partnerships with the following:

  • a range of local and national partners to support the development of social work practice and social work education. Locally-funded evaluations of service provision and service enhancement are being developed and carried out, with the goal of enhancing practice delivery.
  • the National Health Service (NHS), the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) network and other academic institutions linking closely with key external contexts such as Best Research for Best Health, the NIHR and the Cooksey Review of health research funding. Additionally, collaborative research funded by the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF; budget-held elsewhere) is being revised currently prior to a programme of national dissemination.
  • an innovative and large scale international education and practice development project funded by the European Union.

Offshore Windfarm

Lincoln Institute for Rural and Coastal Health

The Lincoln Institute for Rural and Coastal Health (LIRCH) conducts world-class interdisciplinary research to address the most challenging health issues facing rural and coastal communities locally, nationally, and internationally. We aim to 'shine a light' on the unacceptable place-based health inequities across the rural-urban divide and to find innovative ways of reducing or ideally eliminating that inequality.

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Community and Health Research Unit

The Community and Health Research Unit conducts research on quality and improvement in health and social care, focusing on primary care, prehospital care and older...

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Student looking worried

Research in Mental Health, Health and Social Care

The purpose of Research in Mental Health, Health and Social Care (MH2aSC) is  to provide a focus and to accelerate research in mental health, mental well-being and transformation...

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Sun shining through a tree

Healthy Ageing Research Group

The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) is a research centre for the School of Health and Social Care, situated in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Lincoln.

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Diabetes Equipment

Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit (LinCTU)

The Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit (LinCTU) was setup in 2020 at the University of Lincoln by the Community & Health Research Unit to support clinical trials.

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Probation Healthcare Commissioning Toolkit

The Probation Healthcare Commissioning Toolkit is a resource for commissioners and practitioners in health and criminal justice.

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