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The University of Lincoln provides opportunities for patients, service users and carers to become involved in education and research. Help us equip our students with the skills, knowledge, lived experience and confidence to improve the quality of care for all.

Who can participate? Everyone. 

As nearly all of us use health and social care services we want to meet people from different communities and backgrounds who can share their lived experience with our students and staff. This includes people who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and people who have used mental health, physiotherapy or occupational therapy services. We also want to work with parents, children, young people and carers. 


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Open Books

Open Books has landed and you have the opportunity to share a short clip of your personal story.

We want to connect with you to capture 5 minute short videos of what it's like to be you; whether that is listening to your experience of living with an illness or injury, or what it's like to face prejudice or discrimination. Maybe you are a carer for someone and what to tell our students how it feels to look after someone you love. Did you perhaps get 'given' your diagnosis in an unhelpful or harmful way. 

Whatever your story, we want to hear it.

Contact Lucy our Participation Worker at now to find out more and become the next chapter in our Open Books series.

'Bringing learning online'

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