The School of Psychology has a strong and growing reputation for excellent fundamental and applied research with international impact. Our research is supported by a wide range of funding bodies, published in top-ranking journals and presented at international conferences.The school fosters a vibrant and outward facing culture and encourages members of the public and non-academic organisations to become partners and collaborators in our research. Post-graduate research students are placed at the heart of research activity in the school with many students supported through full or part funded studentships and assistantships.


Evolution and Development thumbEvolution and Development Research Group

Researching how motor, behavioural and cognitive processes change through time in humans and other species (e.g. dogs and monkeys). We are an interdisciplinary research group whose research has wide scientific reach as well as high societal impact.

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FCRG THUMBForensic and Clinical Research Group

Research focused in applied settings and on clinical or forensic populations, concerned with  psychological functioning related to clinical and forensic problems

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Perception Action and CognitionPerception Action and Cognition Research Group

Research in a broad range of issues including visual motion processes, emotion and memory, and the visual processing in dyslexic, autistic and neurological populations.

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Identity and Social RelationshipsIdentity and Social Relationships Research Group

Based in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, the Identity and Social Relationships Research Group (ISR) undertakes research on identities in diverse social contexts.

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School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln. LN6 7TS