Conflict and Disasters Research Group

Bringing Together Expertise

The Conflict and Disasters Research Group is a socio-legal and interdisciplinary group led by academics with a passion for researching conflict and disaster situations. It brings together existing expertise and networks from the UK and overseas. 

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What are we doing?

This Research Group is led by academics with a passion for researching conflict and disaster situations. It brings together existing expertise and networks from the UK and overseas. The research group facilitates interdisciplinary discussion and research within social sciences, life sciences and the arts, both within the University of Lincoln and externally.


Why is it important?

Conflicts and disasters have affected, and will continue to affect, individuals, communities, States, regions and continent’s. The Research Group’s mission is to progress the ability of people, States and international organisations to withstand and rebuild after conflicts and disasters. The Research Group, therefore, facilitates interdisciplinary discussion, events and projects.


How are we different?

The Research Group is a socio-legal and interdisciplinary group. Its members are academics and have worked on the ground, with community groups, with the State and international organisations in the fields of conflicts and disasters. 



Dr. Alexandra Bohm


Senior Lecturer in Law


Dr. Amal Ali


Senior Lecturer in Law


Amber Smith


PhD Researcher


Ben Hudson


Lecturer in Law


Dr. Bonaventura Majolo


Reader in Psychology


Dr. Christy Shucksmith-Wesley  


Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham


Dr. James Heydon


Lecturer in Law


Professor Louis J. Kotzé


Marie Curie Research Fellow


Max Brookman-Byrne


Lecturer in Law


Dr Scarlett McArdle


Senior Lecturer in Law


Thomas Welch


Postgraduate Teaching Assistant


Tom Martin


Lecturer, School of Film & Media


Dr Alexandra Bohm

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Dr Amal Ali

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Ben Hudson

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Dr Bonaventura Majolo

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Dr Christy Shucksmith-Wesley

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Dr James Heydon

Heydon, James (2019) Greening the Concept of State Crime. State Crime . ISSN 2046-6056 

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Prof Louis J Kotzé

Louis Kotze’s research focuses on the Anthropocene, environmental constitutionalism, human rights, and global environmental governance and he has published over 100 publications on these themes. His recent books include: Research Handbook on Human Rights and the Environment (with Anna Grear-Edward Elgar, 2015); Global Environmental Constitutionalism in the Anthropocene (Hart, 2016); Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene (Hart, 2017). He is co-editor of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment. In 2016 he obtained a second Phd at Tilburg University and he has recently been awarded the prestigious European Commission Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Fellowship to conduct research for two years in the UK and the Netherlands.


Dr Scarlett McArdle

McArdle, Scarlett (2018) International organisations and the pluralist international system: threatening the role of human rights? In: Human rights and power in times of globalisation. Brill. ISBN 9789004346390 

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