Events* Lincoln International Psychology Seminars - Elizabeth Loftus
23 Mar 2022 to 23 Mar 2022

Lincoln International Psychology Seminars - Elizabeth Loftus

The Fiction of Memory

Isaac Newton Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool Campus
Public Lecture


Elizabeth Loftus is one of the foremost psychologists of her generation, whose unique career and research has had a major impact on our understanding of human memory. Following her PhD from Stamford University in the 1970s, she held academic positions first at the New School for Social Research and then at University of Washington. During this time, her research focused on the organisation of long-term memory and how memory works in real-world settings.

She is best known for her research on the misinformation effect and its impact on eyewitness testimony. Her work has questioned the validity and accuracy of memory. Loftus’ work has led to her serving as a trial consultant for many high profile legal cases in the United States, including high profile cases such as the trial of officers accused in the Rodney King beating. She has published 24 books and over 600 articles and has been the recipient of numerous awards including Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology Award from the American Psychological Association, and Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association. She is a lifelong honourary Fellow of the British Psychological Society.



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