Lincoln Computer Science Week - British Science Week 2021

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Lincoln Computer Science Week

A computer science or games computing degree opens up a wide range of exciting opportunities, and as part of British Science Week 2021, here at the University of Lincoln we celebrated all things computer science with a series of lectures from our experts and guest speakers.
Catch up to find out more about what we do in the School of Computer Science at Lincoln, our research, and what makes Lincoln such a great place to learn. If you have any questions following the lectures feel free to get in touch, you will find staff contat details availble within our staff contact lists.
If you have any interest in computing, video games, or any of the specific topics below, catch up on these sessions via our YouTube Channel or find the full schedule of lectures below with specific links to each individual session.
Exploring How Technology can Support Students with Dyslexia in Higher Education  Ms Lisa Jacobs, PhD Student Watch Back
Crowd AI Dr Olivier Szymanezyk, Lecturer in Computer Science Watch Back 
Adapting the Computer Society to a Hub for Computer Science Students 
James Camber 2nd Year Games Computing Student and Anna Howard 4th Year MComp Games Computing Student Watch Back
Writing Secure(r) Multiplayer Games
Richard Semmen from Rare Watch Live  


Brain Segmentation via Multi-Modal Fusion Network  Dr Wenting Duan, Senior Lecture in Computer Science Watch Back 
A Tutorial on Programming in C Natural
Matthew Murr and Alice Johnston, Undergraduate Students
Watch Back 
Gliding Through the Matrix: Movement Modeality in Virtual Reality Games Dr Chris Headleand, Director of Teaching and Learning Watch Back  
An Introduction to Shaders in Unity Ben Williams, PhD Student Watch Back  


Eye Movements Models as a Gateway to Brain Disorders and What Goes Wrong There Dr Vassilis Cutsuridis, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science  Watch Back 
Second Screening: What is it and Where Could it be Going Dr Mark Doughty, Programme Lead for Computer Science  Watch Back  
How to Prepare Yourself for AAA Development by Lucid Games  Ashley Knowles from Lucid Games Watch Back  


Swarm Robotics: Past, Present, and Future Dr Alan Millard, Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems Watch Back 
Cloud Computing: Is All Just a Load of 'Fluf'?  Mr Alan Robinson, Mr Andy Hard, and Mr Ben Johnson  Watch Back  
Electric Vehicles: Socio-Technical Barriers to Growth Dr Salah Al-Majeed, Acting Head of School and Mr Keith Chamberlain Watch Back  
Advice from and Former Student Before Joining the Compsci/Games Industry Zach Jones, Alumnus Watch Back  
Serious Games for Wellbeing  Danni Therlfall, PhD Student Watch Back  



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