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University Partnership Increases Global Opportunities to Help Train the Future Generation of Computer Scientists
Published: 6th May 2021, 12:56pm  (updated 6th May 2021, 1:00pm)
University Partnership Increases Global Opportunities to Help Train the Future Generation of Compute A new international education partnership will offer students more opportunities to study abroad as part of a goal to boost the number of highly skilled computer scientists equipped to take on roles in the growing global technology industry.

An agreement between the University of Lincoln, UK, and the University of Latvia has today (6 May 2021) been signed in front of a virtual audience of distinguished guests, including the UK Ambassador to Latvia and the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics in Latvia.

The rapid growth of the IT sector in Latvia and the resulting need for well-qualified professionals has led to the development of a dual award between the two universities to help attract new students from Latvia and the wider international community to study for an English language university qualification. There will be opportunities for students in both Latvia and the UK to take part in study exchanges to gain valuable educational and cultural experiences studying abroad.

The British Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia, H.E. Mr. Keith Shannon, said: "I warmly welcome this exciting partnership between the University of Lincoln and the University of Latvia and the enhanced study opportunities it will bring in the field of computer science. It is a great example of UK higher education and the scientific sector's commitment to collaboration with international partners on higher education, research, science and technology initiatives."

Dr Salah Al-Majeed, Acting Head of the University of Lincoln's School of Computer Science, said: "This partnership has a real focus on employability and enhancing opportunities for students. Those attending the University of Latvia can follow a jointly devised programme that allows them to graduate with two degree awards: one from each of the partners.

"For our students in Lincoln, there will be the opportunities to attend short summer schools or to study for a semester or a year of their degree at the University of Latvia on an exchange programme. These global study experiences are incredibly valuable to students, both as a cultural experience and to enhance their employability.

"This combination of student mobility, study exchange, links to industry and collaborative projects between staff and students, makes this a very important project and one which we will take forward with great enthusiasm."

Dean for Global Engagement at the University of Lincoln, Dr David Cobham, said: "As well as benefitting our UK students, the partnership will also assist students of the University of Latvia. They will be able to spend part of their programme here at Lincoln and immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment. When they graduate in Latvia, they will be able to join one of their many multinational companies, where English is universally spoken, and forge a career in computing and technology.

"For both countries, it will give a valuable and much-needed boost to our economies, particularly as we move on from the current pandemic."

Professor Mary Stuart CBE, Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, said: "The University of Lincoln's internationalisation strategy focuses on developing a small number of carefully selected partnerships with institutions of the highest quality, and therefore we are delighted to be working alongside the University of Latvia.

"At Lincoln, the internationalisation of the curriculum and the student experience is one of our top priorities. A partnership such as this allows us to address this in multiple ways and I send my congratulations to all involved."

An in-person celebratory event of the partnership will take place in Riga as soon as government restrictions allow.

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