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Help Researchers Learn More About and Protect Lincoln’s Iconic Swans
Published: 16th June 2020, 9:21am
Help Researchers Learn More About and Protect Lincoln’s Iconic Swans Researchers at the University of Lincoln have launched a new project appealing for help from the public to collect data on Lincoln’s iconic swan population.

Members of the public can register to download an app (Epicollect5) and log their own sightings of swans in and around Lincoln. Sightings will be used to learn more about the lives of the Lincoln swans.

Since 2017, the Lincoln Swan project has added yellow rings with a unique code to the legs of the swans around Lincoln, to help identify them. Being able to identify the swans helps researchers check the health of swan families every year. The 4-digit codes on the rings can be reported through the app, along with information about where they were sighted.

The project is led by Drs Jenny Dunn, Teresa Romero and Laëtitia Maréchal, Senior Lecturers at the University of Lincoln. Dr Dunn said: “We don’t currently know much about Lincoln’s iconic swan population. With this app, anyone can register and help report their sightings of swans in and around Lincoln.

“We are interested in all swan sightings - even if you see the same bird in the same place every day - because it allows us to build up a detailed picture of how each bird is using Lincoln’s waterways.

“We have already received some really interesting sightings of Lincoln swans from further afield, including two cygnets hatched in 2019 sighted this year in Yorkshire, but we are also interested in the local movements of the birds”

Once sightings have been submitted, app users are able to request information on the history of the birds they have seen.

Those interested in taking part in the research can visit to find out more and get started. You can also follow @LincolnSwans on Twitter to keep up to date with the project.

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