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Lincoln Festival of Creativity Goes Digital
Published: 3rd June 2020, 10:16am
Lincoln Festival of Creativity Goes Digital Lincoln Festival of Creativity is being held in a virtual space this year, celebrating the emerging creative talents of art and design students at the University of Lincoln.  

Organisers have developed a digital platform to move exhibitions and events online to enable them to celebrate, share and explore creativity across a variety of disciplines. The festival is open to everyone and last year attracted more than 3,500 visitors.

Director of Education in the College of Arts and Co-Founder of Lincoln Festival of Creativity, Gyles Lingwood said: “We’ve had to adapt to current situations this year, but we’re hopeful that taking the festival online will broaden our audience and allow people from around the world to celebrate creativity and experience some of the brilliant work on display.”

The festival, now in its fourth year, showcases a variety of exhibitions featuring examples of 2d and 3d design, creative writing, digital and traditional media, photography, film, music, fine art, fashion and performance arts.

Gyles said: “The creative industries in the UK are more important than ever, they influence how the rest of the world see us. From Harry Potter to Grand Theft Auto, Rita Ora and Burberry - our innovation and individuality makes Britain a creative economic powerhouse.

“The UK creative industries generate more than £100bn a year to the UK economy and employ more than 3.2 million people - nearly 10% of all UK jobs. They are vitally important to the economic success of the country."

The Lincoln Festival of Creativity website is open and available to all, highlighting the creative work of University of Lincoln students throughout June and July.  The festival will also be regularly posting on Twitter (@FestCreativity) and Instagram (@FestivalofCreativity).

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