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Busting Myths and Tackling Climate Change with Scientists of the Future
Published: 25th February 2020, 1:39pm
Scientist with skeleton Does eating red meat increase the risk of cancer? Could a virus hold the key to fighting drug-resistant bacteria? How can we tackle the climate emergency? And just how good are you at applying sun cream?

These are just some of the questions that secondary school pupils and public visitors will discover the answers to during a week of thought-provoking science events hosted by world-leading researchers at the University of Lincoln.

Experts from across the University's College of Science and College of Social Science will host a series of interactive workshops, talks and challenges as part of British Science Week 2020.

British Science Week is an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, which inspires young students across the UK and encourages them to get hands-on with the science that affects our everyday lives.

From Monday 9th – Friday 13th March 2020, hundreds of 14-18 year olds will attend a series of free events and discover the ground-breaking scientific research taking place right here in Lincoln. Some evening events are also open to the public.

Dr Rachel Woods from the new Lincoln Medical School will delve into the scientific truth behind the media headlines, to sort fact from fiction. For example, can vitamin pills reduce your risk of cancer? Dr Woods will explore the current evidence for how best an individual can alter their diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer.

Also from Lincoln Medical School, Dr Jessica Hodgson and colleagues will take students on a journey of the human skeleton, and explore how it forms the basis of our anatomy and plays an important role in our overall health. Students will be invited to take on the skeleton jigsaw challenge and see how quickly they can assemble their bones in the correct order!

In another workshop, Dr Hodgson will invite pupils to take up the sun cream challenge and discover just how well protected they are from harmful rays throughout the summer months.

Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of the College of Science, Professor Libby John, said: "The University of Lincoln is home to many brilliant scientific minds. It is a hub for pioneering research, and many of our experts are answering some of the most pressing scientific questions facing the world today. Our University students are inspired by these minds every day, and so we are delighted to welcome school pupils from across Lincolnshire to learn from them too and to get hands on with some fascinating STEM studies."

Dr Neil Holden from the School of Life Sciences will explore two key topics we hear a lot about, but may not truly understand. His workshops will reveal the science behind asthma and the immune system, and will also discuss the basics of virology – could viruses help us to fight cancer and could they hold the key to tackling drug-resistant bacteria?

Scientists from the University of Lincoln's School of Health and Social Care will discuss some of their major research studies involving local and UK-wide ambulance services, together with hands-on experience of emergency care. Visitors will learn about high-tech breathing equipment used in emergency response, and will have the opportunity to learn and practice CPR themselves.

Leading climate change experts will form a panel to discuss the global Climate Emergency and debate the pressing issues facing our world today and into the future, and scientists from the School of Maths and Physics will explore the topics of ‘knot theory' and Pascal's triangle.

The following talks and events will take place in the evening and are open to the public. They are free to attend but places must be booked in advance online.

Nutrition and Cancer: Busting the Myths, Dr Rachel Woods
Monday 9th March, 5:30pm, Isaac Newton Building Lecture Theatre
Book online

Climate Change Panel, School of Geography
Monday 9th March, 7pm, Jackson Lecture Theatre (Minerva Building)
Book online

999! Research in the Ambulance Service, Professor Niro Siriwardena
Wednesday 11th March, 6-7pm, Sarah Swift Building (Room SSB0102)
Book online

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