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16th August 2017, 8:32am
Architecture academic joins line-up of prominent women to help shape Egypt’s future
Dr Amira Elnokaly receives an award A specialist in sustainable architectural design from the University of Lincoln, UK, was among 31 prominent Egyptian women leaders from around the world selected to present at a conference highlighting international successes of Egyptian women.

Dr Amira Elnokaly received a presidential invitation to attend the ‘Egyptian Women Can’ Conference in July, which was sponsored by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. It was organized by the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs in cooperation with the National Council for Women (NCW).

The conference aimed to strengthen the role of Egyptian expatriate women in developing Egypt, while shedding light on the achievements of Egyptian experts abroad in all fields. A range of issues were discussed, including effective governance, health, economy, education, and media.

Dr Elnokaly was invited to speak at the event to discuss her ongoing research to address pressing sustainable and environmental issues affecting poor communities living in underdeveloped areas of Egypt and sustainable development of newly developed smart cities in the country.

Earlier this year she was awarded £40,000 through the British Council’s Newton-Mosharafa Fund, a seven-year science and innovation partnership between the UK and Egypt bringing together leading academics, researchers and innovation sectors to find joint solutions to the challenges facing Egyptian sustainable development in South Sinai.

While at the conference, Dr Elnokaly was honoured further by the Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs, Dr Nabila Makram, and the President of the National Council for Women in Egypt, Dr Maya Morsy, who presented her with the Egypt Can 2017 award for her continued research and contribution to the sustainable development of Egypt.

Dr Amira Elnokaly, from the University of Lincoln’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment, said: “During my academic career I have been privileged enough to be invited to conferences across the world. I always feel honoured to receive these requests but to be invited as a main contributor to such a high profile event in my home country and to be acknowledged with this prestigious award under the patronage of the President of Egypt is an extremely proud moment for me.”

“The event showcases the Egyptian presidency’s belief in the importance of women in the future development of Egypt and I am proud to play my part in shaping the country’s future.”

Following the success of the conference, Dr Elnokaly has been invited to continue her advisory role to key Egyptian ministers and will return to the country in October 2017.  

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