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14th February 2017, 10:25am
Scholarships awarded to celebrate academic excellence
Jade Chamberlain The academic achievements of new students at the University of Lincoln, UK, has been recognised with the presentation of a series of prestigious scholarship awards.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart, presented the students with their awards at a special ceremony on Wednesday 8th February 2017, where recipients were joined by family members and teaching staff of their former schools and colleges.

Altogether 14 students from across the University’s four colleges received awards worth a combined total of £34,000. The scholarships are designed to support the academic aspirations of students by helping with costs such as books, course materials, accommodation or travel.

At this year’s ceremony 11 new undergraduate students were presented with the University of Lincoln’s Excellence Scholarship. Worth £1,000, the award recognises the accomplishments of the highest achieving new undergraduate students joining the institution.

At the event the winners also discovered which of them had been selected to receive the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship. This flagship award offers an additional £9,000 award over three years to a new undergraduate who has demonstrated outstanding academic abilities, proven commitment to their subject discipline and a personal impact on their community.

This year the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship was awarded to Jade Chamberlain, a Physical Activity and Health Development student. As well as demonstrating exceptional academic ability during her time in sixth-form, Jade also devoted time to her school’s mentoring scheme where she supported a younger student with minor behavioural issues.

“I’m struggling to take it all in”, said Jade following the announcement. “It was such a surprise to receive the initial award but to be presented with the Vice Chancellor Award as well is unbelievable. I’ve always worked hard and for that effort to be recognised is so nice.”

Professor Mary Stuart said: “The Vice Chancellor’s and Excellence Scholarship Awards are an important moment of celebration within the academic year. It’s an opportunity to recognise the outstanding achievements of our new students in their academic journeys so far and to share those celebrations with their families and former teachers.

“With the support of these scholarships, we look forward to seeing these talented individuals go forward to achieve academic excellence in their degree studies and serve as ambassadors and role models for their chosen subjects.”

The other winners of the Excellence Scholarships were Anna Switalska and Rebecca Butterworth (International Business Management), Hannah Houghton (Drama and English), Charlie-Jay Williams (Computer Science), Shannon Batkin-Jones (Business and Management), Sarah Robinson-Benstead (Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult)), Jerra Wooding (Drama), Danielle Kemp and Tom Firth (Business Studies), and Jessica Stark (Animal Behaviour and Welfare).

A further award, The Earl of Yarborough Scholarship for Chemistry worth £10,000 spread across three years, was presented to BSc (Hons) Chemistry student Amber McMorrin, while Abigail Thickett and Zoe Alison Price, studying MSc Forensic Psychology and MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour degrees respectively, were presented with the Court Bursary award.

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