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17th March 2016, 1:09pm
Want to curate an exhibition? There’s an app for that
My Lincolnshire Collection Budding exhibition curators can create their own top ten collection of ancient and modern artefacts from across Lincolnshire thanks to a new web app.

The app – called My Lincolnshire Collection – is a unique way to explore the county’s rich history and culture using pictures of 100 of the most memorable local artefacts as inspiration.  

Once a user has picked their favourite items to include in their ‘exhibit’, they can access a map showing where they are located across Lincolnshire and plan a visit to visit their personally-picked heritage collection. Images include tombs, teddy bears, angels and comets, and have come from sites across the county.

The app is the latest development in the University of Lincoln’s Our Lincolnshire project, which aims to examine public attitudes towards heritage across the county.

The selections made by users of the My Lincolnshire Collection web app will inform research for the Arts Council England-funded Our Lincolnshire project. The aim is to improve understanding of people’s perceptions of heritage and what aspects of local history are important to them. This can be used to help ensure that people are able to continue to enjoy their heritage, and protect it, in the future.

Archaeologist and historian Professor Carenza Lewis from the University of Lincoln’s School of History & Heritage is leading the project. She said: “Finding out what we have in our county and selecting personal favourites is intriguing for users, but at the same time, the records of which items are most and least favoured will enable us as researchers to find out more about how people in the county feel about its heritage. This is turn will help improve access to it in the future.

“The user’s objective is to create their own collection of these objects, to reflect what Lincolnshire’s heritage means to them. Some of the images aren’t what one might think of as traditionally being ‘heritage’, such as community art-works made less than five years ago. But whilst these objects aren’t yet historical, they are now part of our shared heritage which will be passed down to future generations.”

In addition to showcasing lesser-known heritage in rural areas, the app aims to provide an accessible way for people to find out more about their heritage, and encourage them to think about what represents their county most accurately.

Go to  to try the web-app, and visit to find out more about the ‘Our Lincolnshire’ heritage project.

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