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14th July 2015, 8:40am
Social computing experts help create bespoke social media analytics service
Social media analytics Social computing researchers have teamed up with a top London creative marketing and communications agency to create a new social media analytics programme.

The Lincoln Social Computing (LiSC) Research Centre, based at the University of Lincoln, UK, worked with Sister, a London-based creative marketing and communications agency, to develop Sisterlytics.

Social media has transformed the way business and society operate. For the last three years Sister has been creating social business strategies that enable clients to communicate with their audiences through social media.
LiSC, led by Professor Shaun Lawson, has been working with Sister for two years to develop Sisterlytics which uses sentiment analysis to pick out themes and trends and draw comprehensible and valuable conclusions.

By placing social media data in context, it aims to give users a richer explanation of how they are represented online and provide potential reasons as to why. It draws on a range of proven research methods from computer science, behavioural psychology and sociology.

The University of Lincoln runs the UKs first BSc (Hons) programme in Social Computing, equipping a new generation of analysts with the skills required for working in the growing industry of social media analytics.

Key computer science components such as programming, mathematics and software engineering form the basis of the degree, but the crucial areas of social software design, implementation and evaluation as well as analytical aspects of social data are also covered in detail.

Professor Lawson said: As companies like Sister have proven, there is a big demand for graduates who have the right kind of skills to not only design and implement these mobile and social software platforms, but to also analyse how people are using the existing platforms in order to improve them. We will be producing graduates that can work in this field and drive forward state of the art social media analytics in a range of industries, including marketing and communications.

Students will also have the opportunity to work on projects with partners like Sister as well as academics and postgraduates in LiSC, the first UK research group to explicitly focus on social computing from a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) perspective.

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