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30th April 2015, 10:16am
Five free exhibitions to see in Lincoln this summer
Items from the 'Misc. Don.' collection A series of five thought-provoking exhibitions will launch in the historic city of Lincoln this summer, encouraging art-lovers to explore subjects as diverse as politics, historical archiving, and how best to fill a blank piece of paper.

The free exhibitions are curated by postgraduate students from the University of Lincoln's MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice programme, and take place at surprising locations from May 2015.

Dr Alec Shepley, Senior Academic in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln, is leading three of the projects. He said: "We are delighted to be curating exhibitions in formal and informal spaces across Lincoln, which will broaden our engagement with the community beyond the campus and with the professional artists' network. These projects enable our curators to benefit from an extended learning landscape that goes beyond the walls of the institution."

The first exhibition opens at The Courtyard Gallery at The Collection on Saturday 2nd May. Inspired by the Lincolnshire Archives' Miscellaneous Donations collection, Misc. Don. explores how archives are defined, categorised, and used by different people.

On Thursday 7th May, the date of the UK's General Election, curator Danielle Bastiaens will launch her one-day installation, The Purdah Press, produced with artist Patricia Ferguson. Danielle has collated nine artists' responses to the question "what is democracy?" and created her own newspaper to disseminate their ideas. The free newspaper will be distributed from a booth on Speaker's Corner near Lincoln's historic Cornhill, where passers-by will also be invited to share their perceptions of democracy.

A third exhibition at St. Mary le Wigford's Church from 10th-16th May will ask visitors, "If you were given a blank piece of paper, what would you do with it?" The exhibition is titled 一纸素笺 (Mandarin Chinese for 'a piece of paper'), and features creative responses from artists, students, teachers, and children.

Curator Yangqing Li explained: "Paper is a great invention of ancient China. It was first created by Ts'ai Lun in 105AD, and has never left our lives. People use it to record memories and to create new ones; artists use it to make new works, children use it to show their first dream, and the elderly use it to leave their last wish."

Curio Reactions features two new projects showcased on a mobile art gallery, created from a converted tricycle. Curator Nick Simpson will present a surprising addition to the Brayford Pool on Tuesday 5th May. He will also showcase the work of filmmaker James Hubble around the city from 12th-15th May.

[Snobs and Clowns] is the final exhibition in the series, at the University of Lincoln's Project Space Plus gallery from 16th July-1st August. Exploring the concept of archiving in a novel way, it will take into account the processes used as well as the physical films stored within the Media Archive for Central England (MACE).

Each of the five exhibitions will include work from artists across the UK alongside new artwork created by postgraduate students from the University of Lincoln's School of Fine & Performing Arts. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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