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21st January 2015, 9:11am
Graduation ceremonies launch a landmark year for the University of Lincoln
Graduation at Lincoln Cathedral Hundreds of students will graduate at the historic Lincoln Cathedral today, in two prestigious ceremonies which mark the start of the University of Lincoln’s Year of Liberty.

Taking place on Wednesday 21st January 2015, the ceremonies will see 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students collect their degree certificates surrounded by friends, family and tutors.

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor at the University of Lincoln, said: “This year is an important landmark for the University, the Cathedral, the county and the city of Lincoln, as we mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta – the cornerstone of our democracy. In commemoration, the University is making 2015 its Year of Liberty, and I can’t think of a better way to begin than celebrating the success of our graduates.

“Graduation day represents a wonderful moment in the University calendar, as we celebrate the many achievements of our students, look ahead to their exciting futures, and thank the friends, family and colleagues who have provided invaluable support throughout years of hard work.”

Among those graduating will be mature student Glenn King (46) from Scampton, who has been studying at the School of Engineering alongside his son. Glenn will collect his Masters in Sustainable Power and Energy Engineering, while his son Paul is in his second year of the BEng Mechanical Engineering programme at Lincoln.

Glenn completed his degree part-time, while still travelling around the world in his role as a Senior Service Engineer for Greenray Turbines. Greenray provides servicing solutions to the industrial gas and steam turbine markets across the globe and works as an Advanced Partner for Siemens. Glenn worked hard to fit in his studies around his travelling and demanding work schedule, and is seeing immediate benefits.

He said: “The course has really helped me in my day-to-day job. After each week of lectures at Lincoln I was able to take away aspects and use them in the workplace. I would recommend the programme to anyone wishing to progress in the power industry.”

Also celebrating will be Kaybern Cuffy (27) from Brooklyn, New York. Kaybern came to Lincoln to complete the MSc Developmental Psychology and has, despite experiencing a series of health problems, been awarded the prize for the highest grade on the course.

Kaybern said: “I chose to study this course at Lincoln because the curriculum places an emphasis on creating well-rounded professionals who are genuinely passionate about improving social justice for children. Furthermore, the support I received as an international student during my transition was exemplary. That process eased all my fears about moving across the pond because everyone I worked with during that time demonstrated that Lincoln is a university which values community and offers never-ending support to its students.”

The University of Lincoln graduation ceremonies will take place at Lincoln Cathedral, at 10:30am and 2:30pm on Wednesday 21st January 2015. Qualifications awarded will range from first degrees to doctorates, spanning a variety subjects from Marketing to Mechanical Engineering.

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