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30th August 2013, 1:45pm
Record turn-out for a week of summer science
Games at Summer Scientist 2013 A record 250 children took part in a week of science-inspired fun and games which will help child development specialists better understand how we learn important skills as we grow up.

Summer Scientist 2013, organised by the University of Lincoln's School of Psychology, welcomed families from across the East Midlands to the Brayford Pool Campus, where children aged between three and 11 years old and took part in a variety of games, challenges and quizzes.

The activities were designed primarily to be fun but were also structured in a way that will help researchers understand more about how children acquire cognitive abilities we rely on as adults.

This year 12 research studies were running in parallel, exploring different aspects of cognitive development, from the capacity to make smart financial decisions, to avoiding people we think will treat us unfairly. One study even examined how dancing affects co-ordination and the ability to think clearly.

Children also enjoyed hearing about how the brain works, learning how our eyes can play tricks on us, and getting creative in a special 'visual illusion colouring competition'.

It was the third year in a row that the University of Lincoln has hosted the Summer Scientist week and the event attracted record interest from families across the region. All 250 places were booked within a week of registrations opening.

Ten academics from across the School of Psychology were involved in running the activities, supported by around 20 student volunteers.

Event organiser Dr Fenja Ziegler, a developmental psychologist from Lincoln's School of Psychology, said: "Our third annual Summer Scientist week was a fantastic success. Many of the families involved commented on how much fun they had learning about psychology, and seeing how the games we played will contribute towards real scientific research.
"The data we collected will form the basis for publications in scientific journals and presentations at academic conferences across a wide range of topics linked to child development. We will also summarise our most interesting findings in our Summer Scientist newsletter and blog and are already looking forward to planning next year’s activities!"

Summer Scientist 2013 took place at the Business & Law building on the University of Lincoln's main Brayford Pool Campus from 19th to 23rd August.

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