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5th July 2013, 12:03pm
Scenes from the big screen inspire international exhibition
'The Jump', Andrew Bracey A cinema-inspired exhibition curated by an artist from the University of Lincoln has opened to the public at the prestigious Standpoint Gallery in London.

Misdirect Movies is the new touring art exhibition from Andrew Bracey, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the MA Curatorial Practice at the University of Lincoln’s School of Art and Design. The innovative display is open to the public at the Standpoint Gallery until 3rd August 2013, and will transfer to The Greyfriars Gallery in Lincoln later this year.

The exhibition, which showcases work from seven national and international artists, explores new possibilities of collage using materials gleaned from classic cinema scenes.

Supported by funding from Arts Council England, Misdirect Movies was developed from the extensive research of Andrew and his co-curator, artist John Rimmer, who both employ the digital collage of cinematic imagery to produce and play with new forms and meaning.

Andrew said: “Misdirect Movies brings together years of conversations between John and myself about our own artworks and research interests, as well as discussions about artists who work very differently, but share the same interests of cinema and collage. These features are central to our artworks, and the curation of this new exhibition.

“The works in Misdirect Movies are embedded in the lineage of collage; cutting up, repositioning and rearranging a vast selection of cinematic imagery. Orson Welles’ unfinished version of Don Quixote features a scene where Quixote slashes at a screen in a cinema. This scene acts as a lynchpin for the exhibition, expanding on the notion of Quixotic, intertextuality and the slippage of reality and illusion. ”

The showcase celebrates cinema’s near endless supply of imagery, and features a wide range of media that bridge analogue and digital platforms; from projections and monitor based work through to digital prints, painting and microfiche viewers.

Each of the seven featured artists embrace exciting digital formats, which enable them to create different and innovative approaches to collage, and films that their audience knows and loves. Alongside collages from Andrew and John, Misdirect Movies includes work from international artists Rosa Barba, Dave Griffiths, Cathy Lomax, Elizabeth McAlpine and David Reed.

Misdirect Movies is open to the public from 12pm – 6pm Wednesday – Saturday at Standpoint Gallery, 45 Coronet Street, Hoxton, London, until 3rd August 2013. It will then tour to The Greyfriars Gallery in Lincoln from 4th – 26th October 2013, before travelling to the Meter Room in Coventry.

For more information on the exhibition and the artists’ work, visit

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