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4th July 2013, 2:18pm
Award-winning Lincoln designer lights up international stage
'A Moment In Time' A talented design student has won international acclaim for her contribution to a major project which aims to turn discarded materials into attractive and useful new products.

Autumn Anderson, who is currently a second-year BA (Hons) Product Design undergraduate at the University of Lincoln, was awarded the prestigious Excellent International Design Team Award from the British Council in China for her international collaboration with a student from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

Autumn teamed up with Cao Chengang as part of the British Council’s innovative up-cycling project, which sees design students collaborate with international peers across China and Korea to design and create new products from waste materials.

The international project, which the University of Lincoln has taken part in since its launch in 2012, provides opportunities for budding designers to develop their design, language and team-working skills on a global platform. Autumn travelled to China after exhibiting her own up-cycling design work at the renowned Dutch Design Week earlier this year.

She said: “I am very proud of working with students from Tongji University, and of winning the Excellent International Design team award with them. It was an amazing opportunity and I am delighted to have been part of it.

“Working within an international partnership was both fun and educating, and while the language barrier was challenging, it made working together even more rewarding. We all had different ways of approaching design, so the project was a fantastic way to learn new skills. I made a great group of friends, and it has given me confidence in my designing, as well as the confidence to travel and work in different environments.”

Throughout the project, Autumn designed and produced a number of innovative creations from up-cycled materials, from ‘Happy Face’, a collection of playful objects including a foam chair and play-ball, to ‘Moment In Time’, a chandelier inspired by a Chinese firework display.

Autumn explained: “With ’Moment In Time’ we wanted to capture the energy of a firework bursting into life. It is a really unique chandelier, made from fibre-optic cable and toothpaste tops to create an explosion of gentle light. I am delighted to have won the award for this piece of work.”

Dave Bramston, Principal Lecturer at the University of Lincoln’s School of Art and Design, said: “The opportunity for our Product Design students to connect with other international designers and creatives on the issue of up-cycling at Changsha 2013 and Guangzhou 2012 has been incredibly important. Young designers need to be aware of their responsibilities as individuals and recognise that their decisions to engage with more considered and environmentally friendly practices can influence cultural change.

“The British Council in China and their sponsors provide a valuable international platform for doing this, which we are delighted to be associated with. The practices and experiences we encounter through such work are fed back into our studios here at the University of Lincoln, and this is something we are already promoting in local schools.”

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