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21st January 2011, 4:18pm
International playwright and translator to give public lecture
Dr Mark OThomas Renowned playwright and translator Dr Mark O'Thomas will explore the ethics of translating plays for audiences in another country.

Mark, who was recently appointed the Head of Performing Arts at the University of Lincoln, has translated many plays for high profile productions in this country and his own work has been produced internationally from New York to Sao Paulo.

On Tuesday he will draw on these experiences in his inaugural lecture at the University, examining what happens during the process of translation, particularly when bringing over a play from a country that is culturally very different.

He said: “People feel that through translation they are accessing the original work and are experiencing that direct relationship with the writer. However, this does not take into account the influence and interpretation of the translator.

“I will also be looking at how these things get marketed and how we choose which plays are brought over here. Do we expect a play from Mexico, for example, to somehow be Mexico – to stand for the country and its culture – rather than be about love or envy or anything else?”

The lecture, entitled “The Royal Court and Translation for Contemporary Theatre” will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 25 January 2011 at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on the University’s Brayford Campus. Admission is free.

It will be followed at 7.30pm by refreshments.

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