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29th April 2010, 2:27pm
Magazine industry recognition for Lincoln
Journalism students The University of Lincoln's School of Journalism is delighted to announce that its accreditation from the Periodicals Training Council has been renewed until 2012.

A team from the PTC, which is the body which represents the magazine industry, visited the university on 14 April to assess the facilities, the teaching and meet some of the students.

The panel, which included FourFourTwo brand director Hugh Sleight and Building magazine editor Denise Chevin, commended the Lincoln School of Journalism on "its clear commitment to move the course forward and a much improved guest speaker programme".

They also praised the staff for "the significant time and support given to students to help improve their skills which - in turn - builds their confidence. Students feel well-equipped for work". They also said they were impressed with the facilities in the newsrooms.

The news means students leaving Lincoln with a BA in Journalism will have an industry-recognised accreditation.

Head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, Professor John Tulloch, said: "The magazine journalist of the 21st century needs all the traditional skills - a grasp of what interests readers, the ability to come up with great stories and a flair for visualising ways of putting stories on the page - with the ability to translate stories into a range of different media.
"Feedback from the PTC is keeping us in touch with the latest, exciting trends in the magazine industry. In particular, they provide invaluable guidance on the ways in which the industry is exploiting the possibilities of brand extension online and building on the distinctive potential of a web presence for interaction with readers and the provision of a range of new services."

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