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18th June 2009, 10:05am
How businesses can help customers go green
Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas at the conference A business professor from the University of Lincoln has spoken at an international climate change conference on how businesses can help their customers make more environmentally friendly choices.

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas was invited to give a plenary panel talk at the Global Convention on Climate Security, which was held in Palampur, India, from 12-14 June. He has also submitted a chapter for the associated book.

Academics, businesspeople and politicians from across the world attended the conference and high-profile delegates included Bianca Jagger, chairperson of the World Future Council.

Prof Coulson-Thomas is Director of Executive Education and Corporate Programmes in the Lincoln Business School at the University of Lincoln. An internationally-recognised specialist on issues of corporate governance and performance, he has written more than 35 books and reports and spoken at more than 200 conferences in countries including India, China, Brazil and Russia.

His talk and paper, entitled ‘Enabling Informed Environmental Choices: Helping Customers Assess Purchasing Impacts’, explored cost-effective ways in which businesses can help customers to better understand the environmental implications of the products and services available to them. The professor also discussed some of the tools available to businesses to provide this information to their customers and staff.

Professor Coulson-Thomas said: “Many buyers are not fully aware of the impacts of their purchase decisions upon the environment and the extent to which the consequences of their actions are contributing to climate change. Some might behave differently if they appreciated certain connections and were more aware of the implications of their actions.”

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