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2nd March 2009, 10:48am
Creating Responsible Futures
Ted Fuller Professor Ted Fuller will explore the leadership role of Business Schools and their duty to help shape society and business for the better, in his Inaugural Lecture on Wednesday 4 March.

Ted is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Foresight and Head of Lincoln Business School.  His current research interests include entrepreneurship in the digital economy, responsible entrepreneurship and rigorous foresight.

In this lecture he will explore the leadership role of Business Schools in society.  Business Schools enhance peopleís careers, and develop their knowledge, critical analysis and ability to research and learn.  However, it is also the duty of Business Schools to help shape society and business for the better.  They can best achieve this by developing peopleís capability to create better futures for themselves and for others.  The lecture explores what this role means for the practices of university Business Schools and their stakeholders.

Tedís career includes founding and directing two commercial businesses as well as developing and leading innovative research centres at Durham University.  He has published over 200 academic articles.  Immediately before his arrival at Lincoln in March 08, he was Assistant Dean at Teesside Business School and chair of a European Science Foundation sponsored science and technology (COST) Action on foresight methodologies.

The lecture is part of the Lincoln Academy Sixth Season and will take place in the EMMTEC Building, Brayford Campus. Registration is at 5.30pm and the Lecture starts at 6pm with refreshments at 7.15pm. Please call 01522 837100 or email to reserve your place.

All lectures are free and open to the public. For details of future lectures go to:

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