Enjoying the Visible Evidence


 Film makers, scholars, artists, producers, and curators from all over the world are meeting in Lincoln to debate the art and history of the documentary.


The Visible Evidence XV conference will re-visit the history of documentary film by showing and debating a number of rare and historic documentaries which are milestones in the genre.


More than 80 scholars, film makers and archivists, representing 45 institutions in 15 countries, will attend the international documentary studies conference at the University of Lincoln this week.


Guest of honour is 87 year-old Ricky Leacock, the man who invented the fly-on-the-wall documentary in the 1960s. He will be filmed in conversation with Professor Brian Winston of the University of Lincoln’s Faculty of Media, Humanities and Technology, talking about the man regarded as the ‘father’ of the documentary, Robert Flaherty.


Other guests are: award-winning film maker Marilyn Gaunt, Roger Graef the most important direct cinema British director and Bella Merlin and Thomas Wheatley, two of the country’s leading actors in fact-based dramas.


 Films being shown include:




The conference is hosted by Professor Winston, the Lincoln Professor of Communications, with the support of the Grierson Trust, British Film Institute and the Wallflower Press. For more information about the conference please visit http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/conferences/visibleevidence/index.htm