11th September 2007


Dream job secured for Animation graduate


Many students are graduating from the University of Lincoln this week already in dream jobs.


Animation graduate Kayum Roy says he learnt invaluable skills during his three years studying at the University which helped him secure a job at Ubisoft – one of the world’s largest video game publishers – as a character animator.


“I think the most important thing I learned while at Lincoln was how to manage my time and expectations,” said Kayum. “It's very easy in Animation to get caught up on grand ideas and big plans, when in fact a lot of the satisfaction comes from simply sitting down and moving things around!


“I appreciated the freedom granted throughout the course, which put an emphasis on individual motivation, an important skill to learn when aspiring to work in such a competitive industry.


“The projects were varied and the group briefs were particularly useful. Most of us underestimated the importance of learning to work in a team environment. It was quickly evident upon leaving university that the first thing companies look for is someone who can work well with others,” added Kayum.


If Kayum could give some advice to students studying Animation, it would be to focus on a particular discipline.


“Take the time to decide on what you enjoy most and then focus your work around that. Larger companies will often look for someone who can fulfil a single role excellently, instead of multiple roles adequately. Most of all just enjoy the work.”


University of Lincoln graduation ceremonies are taking place this week to celebrate students’ academic achievements and formally recognise them as graduates. The ceremonies are taking place at the Lincoln Cathedral from 10-14 September. Kayum will graduate on Tuesday 11 September at 7.30pm.


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