28th March 2003




Media Production graduate Gemma Daly has worked with TV stars including Ant and Dec and Dom Joly since she graduated from the University of Lincoln three years ago.


Gemma (23) started working as an unpaid assistant on children’s shows ‘SM:tv’ and ‘CD:UK’, where she worked with presenters Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley at weekends while still a student.


Since then she has worked her way up the ladder and is now a production co-ordinator for RDF Media working on programmes such as ‘Wife Swap’ and ‘Shipwrecked 3’.


“While I was in my final year at university I started ringing round to fix up some work and I ended up getting work experience on SM:tv and CD:UK,” says Gemma, who originally comes from Oakwood in London.


“By the time I graduated I had a job lined up as a runner for a commercial editors called ‘The Firm,’ working with clients such as Max Factor and Sony, but continued to keep the SM:tv Saturday morning stint up until the autumn.


“After a spell at Myriad working as a production assistant on corporate ads for companies like BP, Shell and BT and exhibitions such as Southwark Cathedral and Tower Bridge, I was offered a job at Absolutely Productions and worked as a production co-ordinator on ‘Trigger Happy TV’, ‘Being Dom Joly’ and ‘Dead Air’, a pilot for the show which became ‘This Is Dom Joly’.”


Now at RDF Media, Gemma has worked on ‘Wife Swap,’ ‘Shipwrecked 3,’ ‘Under the Knife with Miss Evans,’ ‘Time of Our Lives II’ and ‘Football Stories’ and is currently working on a new seven-part fossil-finding series for Channel 4 called ‘The Big Dig’.


“Everyone knows that you don’t have to have a degree to work in the media because you always have to start at the bottom anyway, but I think my course at the University of Lincoln gave me a good grounding,” she says.


“The course itself provided fantastic practical opportunities, which have proved most beneficial in my career. The experience of being at university made me a more confident, independent and determined individual.”


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