‌Welcome to the Lincoln International Business School’s Student Managed Investment Investment Fund (LSMIF). This is an investment fund created, operated, and maintained by students within the school, with everything running within the real-world environment of finance.


LSMIF is designed to be an educational tool used by the students who apply for the fund or are invited along to give the best work experience within the world of investment banking while studying at the University.


Students will run all aspects of the fund and will be fully responsible for the success, however we are not alone. The fund will be supervised by Industry veteran and long-time lecturer Hao Quach. With many years of experience in all aspects of investment banking and 20 years teaching in multiple countries, Hao will be there to ensure the stability of the fund and to give guidance on how to create and expand each aspect of the fund, using his vast experience.

The fund will use donations from the public or sponsors, and the money it generates from its successful trades to finance its investments. The fund is a perfect opportunity for any student interested in this area to get a massive heads up on the rest of the country, so watch out for any job openings as the fund expands.


For any correspondence, please email us at: LSMIF@lincoln.ac.uk ‌‌‌