About the Lincoln International Business School’s Student Managed Investment Fund (LSMIF)


We pioneer in educational innovation and we implement the University’s strategy that emphasises industry engagement, student as a producer, and entrepreneurship in an innovative approach to teaching.


Initiated from 2015 and officially founded in 2018, the LSMIF is set up with a structure similar to any other professionally run fund management company with students running every aspect of the fund, from CEO to analyst. It is one of only few of this kind in the United Kingdom. 

The fund uses money raised from donors to invest in shares of companies listed on London Stock Exchange. It is organized, run and managed the same way as an investment company in the real world. The fund has got sponsorship and advisory support from UK leading wealth management companies such as Brewin Dolphin and Mattioli Woods with senior officers from them joining the Board of Advisors. 

This fund gives students the opportunity to work as analysts, investment managers, CFO, CIO, CEO etc. Students also have the chances to meet, discuss and learn from experts in the field in Quarterly Investment Committee Meetings series. Students are given additional training relating to their works.


The ultimate goal of the fund is to raise the profile of each student involved to allow for them to get the best experience possible. We, however, set the following objectives to make the fund grow on sustainable basis:

  • To generate long-term returns from investments using our stylized investment strategies.
  • To raise funds though crowdfunding and donors to help increase the capital base.
  • To increase the number of students involved in the fund with expanded capital base.
  • To link the fund’s activities with the related programmes and modules’ assessments
  • To get more outside sponsors who want to work directly with the fund as well, to further simulate the professional environment.


The fund is led by a leadership team including CEO, V-CEO and CFO who oversee the overall running of the fund. The investments are made by an investment team, which includes a CIO, portfolio managers and investment managers. The investment proposals are prepared by investment managers and presented to the Investment Committee for approval. The CIO and portfolio managers are responsible for executing trades and producing investment reports. The overall strategy of the fund is supervised by an oversight committee which comprises senior and experienced academics.

To ensure our educational purpose, no money will be allowed to be withdrawn from the fund, including returns generated from the investments. In the long-term, we hope that when the size of the fund reaches a certain level, we may offer scholarships to students. If the fund is liquidated, the money will be put towards the university, also for scholarships to students.

Socially Responsible Investing

Although our fund follows value investment strategies for stock selection, we commit to socially responsible investing by having preferences in companies that are included in the FTSE4GOOD index. Academics and students involved in the fund are also encouraged to provide free training sessions on corporate valuation, investments and stock market trading open to other students at the university and the public.

Donate to the Lincoln International Business School's Student Managed Investment Fund

The purpose of this exciting venture is to give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in working for the fund, for which we welcome sponsorship and donations. Your small contribution today will convert to important educational opportunities for students. For every £300 raised allows us to reasonably invest in shares of one company, giving up to four of our students the opportunity to be involved as investment managers and analyst. Click here to donate mentioning the Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund (LSMIF) as the beneficiary or email us for more information on sponsorship opportunities: LSMIF@lincoln.ac.uk