Grammar Clinic

Grammar Clinic

Would you like support to improve accuracy in your spoken and written English?

Our Grammar Clinic can help you:

• Better understand tenses in English
• Secure coherence and cohesion in your writing
• Have a better grasp of sentence structure
• Gain confidence in using articles and prepositions
• Make your writing more academic/formal

Please book a One-to-one English Language Support session, choosing ‘Grammar Support’.  Following an initial meeting to discuss your needs, you will be referred to a Grammar Clinic tutor.

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You are welcome to book up to two appointments per week on different days. You must use your University of Lincoln email address when you book an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to prepare for the Grammar Clinic?
No. You only need to attend the session(s)

How many sessions do I have to attend?
This depends on your needs and the progress you make.

Does the tutor give me materials to use after the session?
Yes, if you want to. The tutor can send you useful links so that you can practise more on your own.

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