In-sessional Courses and Workshops

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In-sessional Courses and Workshops

Studying at university can be challenging. We can help you gain confidence in communicating effectively in your academic studies. We also offer you opportunities to improve your social language skills, better understand British culture, and take the opportunity to meet other students from around the world.

 Our courses and workshops are free to students who:

  • Are currently enrolled on a degree course at the University of Lincoln
  • Speak English as an additional language

Please contact us at if you have any queries.


The next courses start the week commencing Monday 13 February and registration is open. If you have any queries then please contact the International College. 


Please only register for two courses per term.

Registration will close if courses reach capacity.


Pronunciation: English Sounds and Intonation- English pronunciation can be challenging, especially if English sounds are different from those of your native language. This pronunciation course aims to raise your awareness of English sounds and speech, improving your comprehension and helping you speak more confidently. This course did not run in Term 1. 

Weekly Classes on Mondays between 2:30-4:30pm.

First Session 13 February 2023.


The Monday Session is now beyond capacity.


Weekly Classes on Tuesdays between 10:00-12:00 Midday.

First session 14 February 2023.

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Academic Reading SkillsReading is something you will do regularly during your studies. This course will support you in becoming an effective reader and help you achieve success at university. It will cover many skills relevant to reading academically such as selecting appropriate texts; different reading strategies; annotation and note-taking; and critical reading. The course will also help you boost your confidence in reading academic texts in English. This is a repeat from Term 1

Weekly Classes on Tuesdays between 10:00-12:00 Midday.

First session 14 February 2023.

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Academic Grammar A good grasp of standard grammar is essential for confident self-expression in English. This course aims to deepen your understanding of several aspects of academic grammar, thereby enabling you to express complex ideas in all forms of English, especially written.  All levels are welcome, and we look forward to helping you communicate in your assignments and tasks this term and beyond. This is a repeat from Term 1

Weekly Classes on Wednesdays between 2:30-4:30pm. 

First session on 15 February 2023.

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Academic Writing SkillsAcademic writing is a key skill you will encounter in your studies at university; however, it is not always easy to be an effective academic writer. This course will cover all key components of academic writing, from structuring essays and arguments; using and presenting evidence; and academic stylistic conventions. This course is helpful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This is a repeat from Term 1

Weekly Classes on Thursdays between 2:30-4:30pm.

First session on 16 February 2023.

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Culture and ConversationStudying in a new country can lead to great experiences, especially when you can begin to make sense of your new surroundings! Culture and Conversation is an informal yet rigorous course which allows you to do just that by discussing these experiences with other international students. Each week consists of a new topic where you can discuss your thoughts, share something from your own culture, and gain insights into British culture. This course is a great way to meet other international students and make new friends! This is a repeat from Term 1

Weekly Classes on Fridays between 2:30-4:30pm.

First session 17 February 2023.

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English for Dissertation Writing 

Researching and writing a master’s dissertation or a PhD thesis can be a daunting task which comes with a set of challenges that are quite different from those associated with undergraduate study. This course will guide you through the process of writing a dissertation. It will cover aspects of research and writing skills such as literature reviews, methodologies, results and discussions. The course is primarily for postgraduate students but may also be available for third-year undergraduate students, dependent on space. 


This course will be run both on campus and online.

On Campus 1

Weekly classes on Wednesdays 2:30-4:30pm

26 April- 14 June 2023

Registration opens on Monday 27 March


On Campus 2

Weekly classes on Thursdays 2:30-4:30pm

8 June- 27 July 2023

Registration opens on Monday 22 May



Weekly classes on Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am

17 May- 5 July 2023

Registration opens on Tuesday 2 May




How many courses can I do each term?
No more than two courses each term. You can always sign up for more courses in the next term. 

Are there exams at the end of the course?

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
We don’t normally give certificates but if you ask for one, we will issue a certificate for you. 

Do I need to do homework?
No but sometimes your tutor will ask you to read/write something before/after the lesson. This is designed to help you improve your English and practise the skills covered in the course. 

How many students are there in each group?
Numbers vary a lot but usually there are 10 to 20 students per group. 

Do I have to attend every lesson?
It would be good if you could. You may even win a prize for good attendance! 

What do I do if I can’t attend a lesson?
It would be good if you could let your tutor or the office know about this in advance. 

What happens if I miss the first two classes?
Your tutor will email you to check if you are OK and still interested in attending the rest of the course. 

Absence Notification

We expect students to notify us in advance and in writing if they think they will be absent from a lesson. If you think you will be absent from class, please email

In your email, you should provide:

  1. Full name
  2. Student ID
  3. Name of the course
  4. Date and time of the lesson you are unable to attend

An authorised absence will only be granted if the email is received before the class starts. Students can request a maximum of two authorised absences per course.

If you are absent for two consecutive lessons without prior notice, we will assume you no longer want to attend and your place will be cancelled and where possible, offered to another student.


Online Class Etiquette

Whilst most classes and workshops are face-to-face, the International College tutors will deliver some online sessions throughout the year.  As such, please see some rules listed below that are to be observed to ensure everybody joining has the best experience possible:

  • Attend classes on time.
  • Be presentable by wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Test all technology (including camera/video, Wi-fi and sound) before class starts.
  • Read any instructions issued and be prepared.
  • The tutors would like to see your face as this makes it easier for them to check your understanding – tell the tutor before the session starts if your camera is not working.
  • Mute your microphone if you are not speaking.
  • Do not interrupt other people when they are speaking (or attempt to speak over them).
  • Do not work on other tasks while the lesson is taking place.
  • Turn off all notifications and make sure your mobile phone is on silent.
  • Try not to leave the lesson before it finishes.


Course Cancellation

Please note there must be a minimum number of student registrations for each class in order for us to run these courses. If there are not enough students registered, courses may be cancelled. Students who have registered will be informed if the course is not running.


Lesson Cancellation

We aim to notify all students at least 24 hours in advance if a class has to be cancelled. However, in exceptional circumstances, this might not be possible.


Processing Time for Queries

We are expecting large numbers of requests and will respond to your email as soon as possible. We aim to respond to all requests within 2 working days, however during busy periods it may be longer.


Upcoming workshops listed below. Interested in attending? No need to register in advance, just show up!


Becoming an International Student 

Becoming an International Student offers new experiences and life-changing opportunities but may also present potential challenges and adjustments. Through discussion and raising awareness, this workshop aims to help you to make the most of your time at the University of Lincoln. Come and share your international experience so far. 


Thursday 9 February 2023 - 2-3:30 pm - MB3101

PhD Student Workshops

We have a dedicated section for supporting PhD students through one-to-one support sessions and various workshops throughout the year.

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