What Type of Student Are You?

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Find Out Your Learning Style

Take our fun quiz below to find out what type of student you will be whilst at university, and what your preferred learning style is!

Question 1 Odeon

1. Your favourite trip out would be:

    A) To the cinema
    B) To see a favourite band
    C) To a theme park or zoo

Question 2 Phone

2. If you get a new phone which is hard to use, to learn how it works would you rather?

    A) Watch a YouTube video about it
    B) Have someone in the shop explain it to you
    C) Take it apart or try and figure it out

Question 3 Steep Hill

3. You go to a new city, what would you rather do?

    A) Find a map and use the signs to find your way around
    B) Talk to the people and ask directions or join a tour to get your bearings
    C) Go into the first place that looks interesting and check directions later

Question 4 Tower Bar

4. What would put you off in a pub?

    A) The lighting is too bright
    B) If it is too loud
    C) Uncomfortable chairs

Question 5 Boultham Park

5. Would you rather go to:

    A) A talk by your favourite author
    B) A music recital
    C) A walk in the countryside

Question 6 Jump

6. When you are really happy would you:

    A) Smile
    B) Woop!
    C) Jump for joy

Question 7 Work

7. If you meet lots of new people on you first day at work, what do you remember the next day?

    A) The faces but not the names
    B) The names but not the faces
    C) The things that you said and did whilst you were there

Question 8 Dog

8. When you read the word 'dog' do you?

    A) Picture a particular dog
    B) Say the word to yourself silently
    C) Sense the feeling of being with a dog eg. stroking it, walking it

Question 9 Presentation

9. When you have to share information, would you rather:

    A) Write a presentation and distribute it
    B) Give a verbal presentation
    C) Act it out or make a film

Question 10 iPad

10. If you are not sure how to spell a word, what are you most likely to do?

    A) Write it down to see if it looks right
    B) Sound it out
    C) Write it down to see if it feels right

Question 11 Engineering

11. What is your favourite subject?

    A) English
    B) Languages
    C) Engineering

Question 12 Iron Man

12. Who would you rather meet?

    A) Angelina Jolie
    B) David Bowie
    C) Iron Man


If you scored mostly A’s - then you may have a visual learning style. You have a rich imagination and like to see and read things. You take copious notes. You should sit at the front of the lecture and use colours and highlighters for your note taking. You can be distracted easily and will learn best in a calm and stimuli free environment. Revising can be helped by visual prompts and you could make yourself posters of key points you need to remember.

If you scored mostly B's - you may have an auditory learning style. You learn by hearing and listening. You remember notes better if you verbalise them to yourself, and remember what you read better if you read it aloud to yourself. You will tend to talk and hum to yourself and can use auditory prompts to help you remember things. You can find video and auditory learning materials in the library which will support your learning style.

If you scored mostly C's - you may have a kinesthetic learning style. You learn by touching and doing. You can get bored and distracted easily in lectures but you will remember details about what was done, which will make you a great scientist, chef or engineer. You will enjoy field trips and working with your hands on practical projects. You like to move around and can be uncomfortable in a classroom environment and you enjoy practical sessions much more.