BASIS Quality of Soils

Course Dates (2020):

November 30 to 2 December plus 10 and 11 December 2020

Exam: 17 December 2020              
Fees: £1,065 (includes tuition & exam). Applicants should note that prior achievement of the FACTS qualification is required.


This course aims to give farmers, growers and advisors further insight into how to make farming and production systems more resilient through an increased understanding of how soil functions as an ecosystem. The course takes a particular focus on soil life; the thriving soil food web which is vital for successful and sustainable farming on our soils.

The course will equip students with an understanding of the relationship between soil physical, chemical and biological processes that contribute to a healthy soil. 


The subject areas covered will include the following:

• Soil physical and chemical properties

• Soil organic matter and the carbon cycle

• Nitrogen and phosphorus cycles

• Soil microbiota, mesobiota and macrobiota

• Methods of soil assessment

• Soil health management and remediation practices 


The course is delivered in five days, using participatory lectures, field practicals and group exercises.


The course is assessed by means of a written exam and viva examination. 

For further Information please contact either:

Simon Goodger Tel: 01522 835295 Email:


Iain Gould Tel: 01522 835316 Email:


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