Unconditional Offer Scheme

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Unconditional Offer Scheme 2019

The University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme has been created to identify outstanding undergraduate applicants who we think would excel at Lincoln and make a significant contribution to our academic community. 

The University of Lincoln takes a holistic contextual view, looking at students in the round, including all the information supplied in their application and any additional relevant assessment required, such as a portfolio, or interview. The qualities required for success are therefore not exclusively academic, and students’ drive, ambition, creativity, and potential are important factors in those considered for the scheme. 

Applicants selected for the scheme, who commit to the University of Lincoln as their first choice of university, will receive an unconditional offer. We expect students in receipt of an unconditional offer to continue to apply themselves in their studies, both at school and when they join our academic community here at Lincoln. In previous years students who were selected and joined through the Lincoln unconditional offer scheme have shown very good success rate in their studies.

How exactly does the scheme work?

If you are made a conditional offer (transmitted to you via UCAS Track) by the University of Lincoln, based on the qualifications you are currently studying there will then be a further layer of selection where applicants will be considered for the University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme. If you are selected for the scheme we will send you a letter informing you of this. The letter will explain that if you choose Lincoln as your firm choice via UCAS Track, we will respond to this commitment by making your offer unconditional.

How do you choose which applicants will be selected?

We are choosing applicants with the best academic profile in terms of achieved and predicted academic success. We will also expect an excellent personal statement and importantly will take into consideration the views of your current School or College.

What if I am not taking A levels?

We will consider a number of qualifications under the scheme, these include International Baccalaureate Diploma, BTECs, Cambridge Pre-U and OCR Cambridge, or a combination of these.

What qualifications are excluded?

Unfortunately we are unable to consider applicants who are taking Access and Foundation qualifications. This is because typically these are taken in one year and predicted grades are usually unavailable.

Which programmes are included in the scheme?

The University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme is open to all programmes except those in the areas of Pharmacy, Paramedic Science, Nursing and Social Work, or any other course requiring a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Is everyone considered for the scheme?

Yes, we consider all applicants studying the qualifications listed above for the scheme. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applicants who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.

When will I hear if I have been selected for the Unconditional Offer Scheme?

If you are selected for the scheme we will contact you via UCAS Track. The University works to the decision deadlines set out by UCAS.

Is there a deadline for responding to the offer if I am selected?

The only deadlines are those set by UCAS which will vary depending on when you receive all your decisions. Please see your UCAS Track account for details.

Why do I need to accept Lincoln as my firm choice to benefit from the scheme?

The University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme is designed to recognise academic potential by making a commitment to encourage the best and most promising students to come to Lincoln. In return we feel it is important that you demonstrate your commitment by selecting Lincoln as your firm choice via UCAS.

If you decide to put Lincoln as your insurance choice your conditional offer will remain.

What happens once I accept Lincoln as my first choice?

If you have been selected for the University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme and made Lincoln your first choice, we will update your offer to unconditional via UCAS Track.

What if I do not get my predicted grades?

An unconditional offer means that your place at Lincoln is secure regardless of your final results. Selection for the University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme is based on academic excellence. Our commitment to you demonstrates our belief that you will continue to strive to achieve your full potential.

Does the scheme encourage students to stop working hard?

The University of Lincoln Unconditional Offer Scheme is designed to recognise those applicants with the drive and ambition to succeed academically. To ensure that applicants continue to achieve their academic potential, Lincoln offers a range of scholarships which recognise excellence.

Excellent academic qualifications are required not only for entrance to University, but are also key for your future employability. A level and equivalent qualifications are often used by employers in selection.