People, Personality & Disorder in Mental Health Care

Learning Beyond Registration

15 credits at level 6 (degree level) or level 7

This course seeks to introduce students to a framework that can enhance existing attitude, knowledge and skills and be safely applied to everyday encounters with service users who have pervasive and persistent difficulties around managing their relationship with themselves and their social environment.

The core curriculum includes:

  • What is personality and how can it be disordered?
  • The personal socio-cultural and ideological context of personality disorder
  • Core therapeutic foundations for working with this group of service users
  • Arriving at shared understandings with service users and carers
  • Building commitment to change
  • Strategies for improving psychological functioning
  • Strategies for improving social and interpersonal functioning
  • Strategies for working with crisis and risk situations
  • Case management
  • Working on own thoughts and feelings.

The course will involve 6 days of classroom based learning and 20 hours of web-based learning. Students are required to submit 4 x 800 word written assignments.

All courses within the LBR portfolio are accredited and these credits can be used towards the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice degree award. For further information on the award, please see the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice entry on the LBR course page or contact

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