Infection Control for Clinical Practice

Learning Beyond Registration

15 credits at level 6 (degree level)

The aim of this module is to explore issues in the prevention, investigation and control of infection across all practice settings. The principles of applied microbiology will be critically examined and the risk factors associated with patients, staff, practices, premises and pathogen survival discussed. The aetiology, effects and consequences of Health Care Associated Infection will be explored and supported with current research findings. The student will be required to undertake an audit, analyse data and make recommendations for improvements in practice. The unit provides an appropriate educational framework to support compliance with Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance.

The core curriculum:

The core curriculum will typically cover the following key areas:

  • Clinical Governance and how the political agenda underpins the management of HCAI.
  • Different micro-organisms that are pathogenic to people and how these represent relative risk in clinical practice
  • Media, Patient and Regulatory bodies’ representations of HCAI and how this impacts on practice
  • The nursing management of MRSA and Clostridium difficle
  • Contemporary communicable diseases in the local health community
  • Key blood borne viruses and the risks they posed in clinical practice
  • Barriers and solutions to safe practice
  • Audit of practice in the Students place of work
  • The hand as a mediated of cross infection and the hand hygiene compliance agenda

The module will involve 5 days of classroom based learning and additional self-directed learning will be required.  Students will also undertake an infection control audit in their area of practice (the topic to be agreed with the unit leader).

The unit will be assessed by a formal presentation of the audit (in the form of a viva voce to an examiner) and a 3000 word supporting paper.

All courses within the LBR portfolio are accredited and these credits can be used towards the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice degree award. For further information on the award, please see the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice entry on the LBR course page or contact

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