BASIS - Soil & Water Management

Cost: £935 (includes exam fee)
Dates (2017) 

October 30th & 31st
November 6th & 7th


November 16th

This course, leading to the BASIS Certificate in Soil & Water Management, examines how farmers can manage soil and water in a sustainable way. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the methods used to avoid soil erosion and water pollution, and the implications of Cross Compliance, Greening Rules and the Water Framework Directive.

The subject areas covered will include the following:

  • Managing field cultivations and crop establishment
  • Properties of soils, including texture, structure and water relations
  • Minimising soil erosion
  • Sources of organic matter
  • Protecting water resources
  • Managing drainage and irrigation systems

The course is delivered in four days, using participatory lectures, field practicals and group exercises, and assessed with a short written exam, farm management plan and vivas. Successful candidates will be awarded HE credits that can be used towards completion of the Harper Adams Diploma in Agronomy.

For further information please contact:

Simon Goodger
Tel: 01522 835295 

Jill Duarte  
Tel: 01522 835428