The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship recognises exceptional academic ability and commitment in new undergraduate students at the University of Lincoln. It is funded through a generous gift made by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart.

Who is it for?

Entry is open to all students who are citizens of the UK.

When is it Available?

2017 entry.

Scholarship Amount

+£1,000 Excellence Scholarship.

Selection Criteria

A single overall winner will be selected from among all the University of Lincoln’s Excellence Scholarship winners for the year of entry. In combination with the Excellence Scholarship, the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship winner will receive a total of £10,000 over three years.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship will be awarded to a student selected by the Vice-Chancellor who, in the Vice-Chancellor's opinion, informed by the student’s UCAS personal statement and academic reference, most clearly evidences commitment to their subject discipline and shows the most impressive personal impact on their community.

How to Apply

Entry for this scholarship is automatic for all applicants who are UK citizens.

To be considered you must have applied to the University of Lincoln through UCAS. You should have met the conditions of your offer and have made the University of Lincoln your firm choice institution, through UCAS, by 30 June 2017.


Terms & Conditions

Application Process

1. There is no separate application form.  The student shall successfully apply through UCAS for admission onto any undergraduate programme at the University of Lincoln in the year of admission and shall receive and firmly accept an academic offer of a place.  If the offer is conditional, the student will need to fulfil the terms of his/her offer and have their place confirmed by 1st September in the year of entry.

2.  The student must make the University of Lincoln their firm choice by 30th June 2017.

Value of Award

3. For Excellence Scholarship winners, subject to their being in attendance on 1st December of the relevant year and in good standing on their programme of study (both in engagement and academic performance), the following instalments shall be paid:

  • £1,000 is paid in December of the academic year in which the student is enrolled on Level 1 of their programme,

For the winner of the Vice- Chancellor’s Scholarship, the following additional instalments shall be paid:

  • £3,000 is paid in December of the academic year in which the student is enrolled on Level 1 of their programme
  • £3,000 is paid in December of the year in which the student is enrolled on Level 2
  • £3,000 is paid in December of the year in which the student is enrolled on Level 3. 

4. The University reserves the right to withdraw these scholarships at any point and without notice.

5.  Entry is open to citizens of the UK only.

6. The University reserves the right to withhold or withdraw payment subject to inappropriate behaviour in breach of the University’s regulations or these rules.


7. Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate exceptional academic achievement (see 8 , 9 and 10).  The Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award recipient must also demonstrate a commitment for their chosen subject and a personal impact on the community in their personal statement and academic reference.

Commitment to your subject – This should be demonstrated in your personal statement on your UCAS form and in your teacher’s academic reference on the UCAS form.  It should include evidence of sustained engagement with extracurricular activities which demonstrate your commitment for your chosen subject.

Personal impact on the community – This should be demonstrated in your personal statement on your UCAS form and in your teacher’s reference on the UCAS form.   It should include evidence of extracurricular activities such as part-time work, volunteering, charity work, clubs or society engagement or any other activities you are involved in.

8. The Excellence Scholarship award of £1,000 will be made to all new undergraduate entrants who attain the highest number of UCAS Tariff points from qualifications, the final assessments for which are taken in a single sitting (e.g. A Levels taken in Summer 2017). (Please see the UCAS Tariff tables for equivalencies).

9. Successful applicants must also meet all of the conditions of their offer of a place at the University of Lincoln and have successfully enrolled on an undergraduate programme no later than 24th September 2017 to be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship.  The Registrar of the University of Lincoln will determine whether the application meets the criteria and can be considered for the Scholarship.

Selection Process

10. Applications are sorted by academic achievement and considered initially by staff in the Registry.

11. The UCAS applications forms for all students who achieve the required UCAS Tariff points to qualify for the Excellence Scholarship award of £1,000 will be passed to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart, for the selection of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship winner.

12. The Vice-Chancellor will make the final selection of the one overall Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship winner who will receive an additional £9,000 paid over three years. The Vice-Chancellor’s decision will be based on the stated criteria and will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Condition of Award

13. Successful Scholarship winners will be expected to:

a) Be in good standing and enrolled on their programme of study as at 1st December in the relevant academic year.

b) Engage in promotional activities for the University of Lincoln.

c) Abide by the University regulations for academic and personal behaviour and act as an ambassador of the University.

14. The University cannot and does not accept responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or delay in the UCAS system resulting in applications lost, damaged or delayed outside of the University’s control.

15. Excellence Scholarship winners will be notified in writing or by telephone in October of 2017.

16.  Students who are deferring entry for 2017 or beyond will not be eligible for the 2017 Scholarship.

17. Your application and any information submitted by you must be personal to and relate specifically to you.

18. Scholarships winners may be requested to take part in promotional activity and the University reserves the right to use the names of Scholarship award winners, their photographs and audio and/or visual recordings of them in publicity and marketing materials.

19. The Scholarship is exclusively for the student selected to receive it and is neither transferable nor exchangeable.  It must be collected within three months of notification or will be forfeit.

20. By accepting the Scholarship, students agree to accept the full terms, conditions and rules of the Scholarship and agree to abide by the University rules and any requirements and/or proceedings issued by the University of Lincoln in regard to the Scholarship.

21. This Scholarship is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, UCAS.


You can contact us at Student Administration, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS.